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Best Bookish Etsy Shops for Holiday Gifting

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Neymat Raboobee

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The holiday season is rapidly approaching and with the chaotic nature of the world in general, it seems like it’s in everyone’s best interests to go ahead and get gift shopping done as quickly as possible. Here’s a list of bookish Etsy shops that you can scroll through for the perfect bookish holiday gifts.

Etsy shops are one of my favorite spots for gifting inspiration because there’s so much available, even though 99 times out of 100 I end up spotting something that I just can’t live without and adding it to cart for myself instead of staying on task. Still, even with that challenge, they’re treasure troves β€” and more and more of them are beginning to ship internationally, too!

One of the other great things about Etsy shops is that it’s often a lot easier to make a request to customize or alter a product to fit your specifications. Plus, you’re often supporting a small business which is an awesome bonus for me. Just keep in mind that custom pieces often have longer timelines attached to them (with good reason) and try to plan ahead so that you’re not wrapping up an invoice and product image with an IOU instead of the shriek-worthy gift you’d been planning on.


MileLongTBRboutique shop header image

MileLongTBRboutique is an Etsy shop that specializes in bookish stickers, clothing, and gifts for bibliophiles. You can expect to spend between $3 and $55 on a single product.

Emily Cromwell Designs

emily cromwell designs header

If you love all things bright, bold, and maximalist, look no further than Emily Cromwell Designs. There are options aplenty for book lovers, including book marks, note pads, and more. Prices range from a little over $2 to $75 for fleece blankets.

Rainbow Punch Press

rainbow punch press logo

Take a little love for feminism with a little love for pop culture, and you’ve got Rainbow Punch Press. This shop has bookmarks, stickers, and more fun trinkets for book lovers. Prices range between $3 and $16.

Bookaholic Store

Banner for Bookaholic Store

The Bookaholic Store is a one-stop-shop for everything from bookmarks to pins to blankets (oh my!). As you can imagine, prices have a pretty significant range, going from $2 to over $50.


Shop header image of TheLibraryCloset on Etsy

The Library Closet is a clothing store where you can pick up sweatshirts and T-shirts with quotes from books, funny jokes about bookworms, and rep for your favorite fandoms. Prices range from $15 to $50. Sizes range from XS to 5XL.

Shop Literary Looks

logo for shop literary looks

Your closet will thank you as you add some of the great bookish threads available at Shop Literary Looks. You can nap sweatshirts and t-shirts with a literary bent, as well as keychains, totes, and more. Prices range from $8 up to $60.

Bookish Times

Banner for Bookish Times

Bookish Times is a store that sells prints, stickers, mask, journals, and clothes (and other things). Their product list is 13 pages long and the cheapest item is $5.50, while the most expensive is $55.

The Book Art Boutique

Banner for The Book Art Boutique

You can pick up some stunning art at The Book Art Boutique, which specializes in folding the pages of a book into a shape or word. Most of the books are randomly chosen for page count and page length, but you can request for a particular book to be used if you want. These beauties cost between $33 and $95.

Hey Booklover!

hey booklover logo

Whether you want reading trackers, bookmarks, or bookish threads, you’ll find something at Hey Booklover! In addition, the shop sells bookish gift boxes and Blind Date With a Book options to ensure you can snag some reading with your sweet swag. Prices range from $3 to $64.

I’m sure you’ve already got a cart loaded with 18 different things, but just in case you haven’t yet found the perfect gift for a fussy loved one, or if you’d like to look at a list of gifts specifically for anyone who’d like to be a little budget conscious, you can check out this list of gifts for under $30.