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Bookish Ornaments For the Holidays

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The holidays are right around the corner! It’s almost time to dust off the decorations, light up the pine-scented candles, and put up a Christmas tree. I don’t know about you, but I love throwing random knick-knacks on my tree that make me happy and remind me of things — or people — I love. And one of those things is books! I thought that book-inspired ornaments were hard to come by, but I was also unaware of the magic of Etsy. I just recently discovered that there is a wide variety of bookish ornaments in their online store and I’m in love. They are creative, unique — and quite frankly stunning! I swear, the people who make these things are artists. Plus, there’s a wide variety of styles and materials you can choose from to match the theme of any Christmas tree. And, mini-spoiler: some of them are even personalized and/or customizable!

I know that there can be a dizzying amount of ornaments and decorations out there — Etsy is huge! So it can be hard to choose. But don’t worry. I’ve put together this list of 12 bookish ornaments that will make you say “Take my money!” so that you can fill your tree with as many book-inspired things as you want.

Bookish Ornaments For This Holiday Season

Bookish ornament with a colorful book stack

Let everyone know what you want for Christmas with this bright and cute bookish ornament. $9

Bookish ornament with a stack of books, a cat, and a house plant

Show your love for books and cats with this handmade ceramic ornament. $12

A Darker Shade of Magic bookish ornament

Fans of A Darker Shade of Magic will love this bookish ornament that shows some buildings from the four Londons. $8

Wooden book stack bookish ornament

If you want a more rustic look, this wooden ornament is for you! $10

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ornament

This beautifully handmade ornament features a rose made from pages of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. $26

Alethiometer bookish ornament

Bring some magic to your holiday decorations with this wooden alethiometer ornament inspired by His Dark Materials! $10

Bookshelf bookish ornament

We all want our bookshelves to be as full as the one depicted on this porcelain ornament! $12

Minimalistic book stack ornament

This minimalistic book stack ornament will look amazing on any tree. Plus the titles are customizable! $24

Stamped library card bookish ornament

A fun and nostalgic ornament that depicts a stamped library card. It’s the perfect holiday gift for all your librarian friends! $17

Head full of books illustrated bookish ornament

Show everyone what’s on your mind with this beautifully illustrated handmade ornament! $7

Personalized 3D book stack ornament

Display some of your favorite books with this customizable 3D book stack ornament! You can choose the book titles, and add a name or a year too. $40

Book club themed ornament

Tell your book club you love them with this beautiful ornament. It’s very customizable, and you can even add the members’ names! $16 per custom tile, and you can buy up to 22 for $220.

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