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Gorgeous Reading Corner Ideas to Help you Devour Books in Style

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This is by far not the first time that reading corners – also commonly referred to as reading nooks, or (my favorite), reading nests – have been talked about on Book Riot. In fact, a quick search will find you quite a lot of loot on the topic. However, enterprising creators on Etsy are constantly finding new ways to make me want to empty my wallet, and today it’s my pleasure to share some of those products alongside some reading corner ideas so that you can add to your hoard of bookish stuff.


One of the easiest ways to create a specific theme or invoke a particular feeling in a space is covering the walls with pretty pictures. There are a lot of options available to a bookworm looking to hang things, including maps from a favorite fantasy world, a DIY collage of covers from books that are in less than perfect condition or even (if you’ve got the skill) painting a few quotes that have made you squeal/sob. If you’re not into DIY-ing it, here are three possible Etsy options for you.

Set of Printable Wall Art for Bookworms

This is a set of digital prints that you can purchase and then print out any frame however you wish.

Alternatively, if you’d like one big picture and not a bunch of littler ones, this digital print is pretty, and straight to the point.

The Book Nook Wooden Handmade Hanging Sign

This handmade wooden sign is a little more heavy duty, and the seller’s open to custom orders so, if you’re open to that kind of commitment, you could commission it and have it say whatever you want (I’d advise not calling your reading corner Atlantis or Alexandria though).


I’ve been known to lie flat on the floor with a book above my head and that’s an entirely valid life choice. However, as someone who’s made the mistake of dropping a book flat on my face in the past, I can assure you that seating has its uses. If there are already gorgeous squashy armchairs in your home, commandeer them for your nook or find a list of reading chairs here. Then, invest in a chunky knit blanket or a bookish throw like this one.

If you’re short on space or just don’t have the best seats handy for lounging, a pile of throw pillows on the floor make learning against a wall a much more pleasant experience than it could be otherwise. These three pillows are just a sample of what’s available online; they’re the ones I just kept coming back to.

Beautiful Black Woman and Bookcase Pillow
Fill your House with Stacks of Books, in all the Crannies and all the Nooks Pillow
When in Doubt go to the Library Pillow


I can’t be the only one who got told that I was ruining my eyes when I tried to read in the car, right? Much as I would like to laugh and say that I’ve still got perfect vision (so, there!) I’m now nearsighted enough that I honestly can’t make out anything but vague blurs when I’m looking at anything more than a couple inches from my face.

Good natural lighting for your reading corner is first prize, but that’s just not always possible, so if you don’t have large windows to take advantage of, it’s a good idea to stock up on other lighting options so you’re not losing your place or squinting to try and make out words.

Robot Lamp

This is the very best item in this post, in my incredibly biased opinion. Fair warning, our little buddy costs a pretty penny, but he’s just too cute for me to have rejected. I mean, look at him.

Fairy Light Strings with Leaves

For a lighting option that costs quite a bit less, these are fairy lights wrapped around artificial leaves (glass jar not included). Probably not too difficult to DIY but again, if that’s not your thing someone will happily do it for you and ship it to you.

Bedside Lamp with Mini Shelf

And here we have another vaguely person-like lighting option. But hey, this one makes a cute little shelf too!

Note: Even though it weakens my little setup above, I can’t in good conscience perpetuate science myths and have to inform you it has not yet been proven that reading in poor light worsens your eyesight. We do know that it’ll give you a headache and make you tired, so you still probably don’t want to do it.


And now we come to the final section of reading corner ideas. These are called a lot of different names – knick knacks, tchotchkes, pieces of your immortal soul…

One of the best things, I think, about having a reading corner is being able to gather all your bookish/fandom stuff in one place. Whether it’s a collection of Funko Pops, 12 Avengers mugs, or 36 bookmarks, your reading corner should have at least a bit of merch. Though, granted, it’s not going to be too comfortable if you’re in danger of tripping on or knocking over your little keepsakes half the time, so maybe look into getting some extra shelves as well.

And for those of you who haven’t been able to find any knick knacks that feature your preferred titles, here’s a secret: you can commission some of it. This Etsy seller offers customizable book cover earrings and necklaces.

Customizable Book Cover Earrings To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Customizable Book Cover Necklaces

And, of course, you’ll need a bookish jewelry box to keep them safe in.

Bookish Alice in Wonderland Handmade Jewelry Box