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Creepy Bookmarks For Horror Fans

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Carina Pereira

Staff Writer

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The spookiest month of all is also my favourite month of all, and every year, without exception, I spend the other 11 months waiting for October.

What’s so special about October? The vibe. Earthy colours, shorter days, and cosy evenings. The mysterious Halloween atmosphere, the perfect weather, which isn’t warm and suffocating anymore but is also not too cold just yet. I love October so much that I could make an ode to it — and I guess, in some small way, I just did.

Now, the spooky vibes need to be put into practice and started earlier, so September is the best month to prepare for what’s ahead. If you really want to surround yourself with October, you don’t want to miss one single detail, and you must bring that vibe into your bookish life, too.

For bookish Halloween inspiration, Book Riot is always the place to be, and while we will have a lot of Halloween-themed posts this year, you can go back and check the wonderful posts we have put together so far: like these bookish Halloween decorations, crafts related to the season, and a quiz that will direct you to the perfect horror novel.

To start off the season and to nail the spooky vibe, I prepared something special for all of you whose biggest fright is seeing someone dog-ear a book: spooky — and, sometimes, outright creepy — bookmarks!

Personally, I don’t mind a dog ear or two (cue scary music signaling that something horrible is about to happen to me), but I am also a sucker for a good bookmark (music suddenly fades away).

Below are the spookiest ones I’ve found. Maybe don’t let them out of your sight.

Photo of a closed book with a blue cover and coming out from the bottom, stuck between the pages are two black claws.

We start off strong: this Devil’s Claw is certain to attract some looks — and scare the more inattentive! Either way, not one to be missed. $17.

Photo of an open book with a bookmark placed on top of the pages. The bookmark is shaped like a knife, and has the famous Ghostface mask drawn on it in black and white.

If you’re specifically a fan of more mainstream horror books and movies, there are a few special bookmarks in this list. The one above is shaped like a knife, and you have a choice of several villains: the Ghostface above, Michael Myers, Chucky, or Jason Vorhees. $9.

Photo of a page with text with a clear bookmark shaped like a tarot card with the image of Ghostface on it and a small string coming from the top.

Fans of both Ghostface and Tarot may rejoice: this bookmark puts the best of both worlds together! $5.

Photo of a small raven bookmark placed on an open book.

Ravens have a mystery of their own, and this raven bookmark is small, but it is sure to call attention. $22.

Photo of a leather book standing with three vampire figures made of resin peeking at the top.

Vampires are perhaps my favourite mythical creatures, and these vampire bookmarks made of resin are probably the coolest I’ve seen. $12.

Photo of an open book with two bookmarks on it, the bookmarks resemble blood-spatters and one is smaller than the other, with a string at the top.

For those who like blood as a creepy accessory, these blood-splatter bookmarks are available in different sizes and look really cool. $4.

Photo of a slightly open book with a bookmark on top of the pages. The bookmark is made of clear resin and seems to have blood running through it, it also has a string at the top.

Not squeamish, loving the blood-splatter vibe, but searching for something that looks a bit more real? The bookmark above is certain to be to your taste. $13.

Photo of an open book and a clear bookmark placed on the pages. The bookmark resembles an old film with the image of a haunted house.

From the whole selection, this one is perhaps the one I consider the creepiest. A haunted house captured in a film frame. Gorgeous. $8.

Photo of an open book with four coffin-shaped bookmarks on the pages, each a different girl.

I truly cannot decide which one of these Creepy Girls Watercolour Coffin bookmarks I like the most, so good luck deciding (or just get all four!). $5.

Photo of a bookmark mimicking a Ouija Board placed on a green background with a book on the right and some leaves on the left.

For Ouija Board fans, this simple black bookmark will do the trick. $4

Photo of a bookmark resembling an Ouija Board planchette placed on a surface with black roses next to i.

I am obsessed with this Ouija Board planchette bookmark! $9.

Photo of a bookmark shaped like a bloody knife placed on top of an open book.

Who doesn’t like a good (fake) bloody knife? $8.

Photo of a wooden bookmark with a skeleton and the text "I'll sleep when I'm dead" engraved in it standing again the spines of three books with two candles on top.

Are you an avid reader who often sacrifices sleep for books? I’ve got the perfect horror bookmark! $24.

Photo of a bookmark with a skull framed by some flowers placed on an open book on a table filled with string and dried flowers and loose pages.

This bookmark is for those who love skulls but can’t live without blossoms. $4.

Photo of three resin skulls bookmarks placed on an open book.

If, on the other hand, you like your skulls in 3D, we have got you covered, too! $11.

Photo of a bookmark with a drawing of seven vicious rats placed on a red fabric.

I once saw a horror movie about rats and swore off rats forever. So you can have this Rats bookmark if that is your style of horror or if you are a fan of the book with the same name. $5.

Photo of a bookmark with the shape of a boy wearing a yellow rain jacket, carrying a red balloon placed on top of a copy of IT by Stephen King.

And to end this list, I could not leave out IT, by Stephen King. A red balloon coming out of your book, because we all know that if someone was offering free books, we would fall for it too. $3.

Want more bookmarks? We have a few! Like these made of leather, funny ones if you need a break from all the creepiness, and here is an open apology to all the bookmarks we’ve lost.