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Funny Bookmarks to Make You Snort and Giggle

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Hi, my name is Neymat and I have a confession to make: I used to dog-ear pages when I was a kid. Why? Well, because I could never find any bookmarks and it seemed like the easiest thing to do. Also, little me was never all that good at cause and effect – I didn’t immediately realize that the reason pages of my books were tearing was because I kept folding them over. Then I discovered that I could put things in books to keep my place instead (a novel idea, truly).

Ever since, I’ve collected little bits and bobs as page savers, including: pressed flowers, old receipts, folded up scraps of notebook paper, and – on one memorable occasion – a silver chain (we won’t talk about how that must have hurt the poor book’s spine).

Nowadays, I’m mostly hitting the bookmark button to save my progress, but I still love a good bookmark, and funny bookmarks are some of the best. They match your mood if you’re reading comedy, cheer you up when you’re about to chuck a book across the room after reading the death of your comfort character, and are a really nice conversation starter. These funny bookmarks are all pretty great in my eyes – hopefully you’ll like them too!

Books Are my Butter Half Funny Bookmark

It’s a pun! This cute little bookmark is great if you’re a sweets for breakfast person, or just to keep if you’re testing recipes from a cookbook.

Fell Asleep Here Funny Bookmark

For all the readers who want to be ‘one more chapter‘ all the way to morning people, but just can’t resist the call of sleep.

Oh, for Fox Sake! I'm Trying to Read Funny Bookmark

Perfect for holding up when annoying people keep asking you random questions.

Series of Funny Leather Page Corner Bookmarks

These are for fancy people. I’d buy them and then never take them out of the packaging because they’re too pretty to risk losing. But they’ll still do a great job on the shelf!

For anybody who keeps dropping a book, only to pick it back up again (usually after forgetting almost everything that’s happened so far). For me, basically.

Flattening the Curve, One Book at a Time Funny Bookmark

Perfect for explaining why you’ve done nothing but read for days on end. Con: may become obsolete soon (please!)

Forget the Beach, I Like to Take Long Walks in the Bookstore Funny Bookmark

For all of us sand haters. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the beach, per se. But my pages get wet!

Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading Grumpy Cat Funny Bookmark

I mean, do I even have to explain why I picked this? Just buy it.

Previously in this Book: Some Stuff Happened Funny Bookmark

Just the thing for us forgetful folk!

Well Read Mother Clucker Funny Bookmark

What can I say? Chickens are hardcore.

Series of Funny Bookmarks

I mean, all of these are fab, but my favorite is the $25 book one because it’s scolding me just as well as my mom would.

One Star Review Funny Bookmark

This would probably make someone’s head explode – depending on the book, it might make my head explode. But it’s also hilarious.

Series of Five Food Punny Bookmarks

Again, great for cookbooks! Also good for most anybody – we all eat.

This is the Point Where you Started Drolling and Dozed Off Funny Bookmark

Another one for everybody who just can’t keep their eyes open. Special mention for the droolers.

The Reading Llama is Watching out to Make Sure You Don't Lose Your Place Funny Bookmark

For the llama lovers! Just remember to keep the books out of spitting range.

Stop Calling me Bookmark, my name is Bookstephen Funny Bookmark

Nice, easy way to remember that not all page savers are equal. I may start calling all of these Book Maries from now on.

Series of Joke Bookmarks

And the best for last: the dad jokes. You can’t do funny and leave out the dad jokes. It’s just not done.

P.S. Books with cracked spines, dog-eared pages, and pen marks all over them are just as valid as brand new, just stocked ones. We love ’em all here – they’ve all got such tremendous potential waiting within them.