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Halloween Cards, Crafts, and Paper Goods for Book Lovers

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It’s autumn again! The nights are getting longer, temperatures are dropping, and Halloween goodies are cropping up in window displays everywhere. For bibliophiles, it’s always a treat to be able to combine one’s love of books with the Halloween season.

That’s the intention behind the items on this list. I wanted to bring together all things bookish, from home decor to book accessories, so that you can find a way to bring paper play into your Halloween season this year.

Now, it would be absolutely amazing if I had curated a list of costumes to dress your books in. Unfortunately, that’s apparently not a thing. (Believe me, I dug around a bit in hopes of finding ears, claws, hats, or other accoutrements to dress your books in for the big 31.) But never fear, you could always make some costumes from some of the items on this list!

I’ve broken the treats on this list into four categories: correspondence, crafting, book accessories, and other goodies. Certainly, there are some items that could go in multiple categories (depending on how you would choose to use them). Regardless, I hope you have fun with these Halloween-inspired bookish items!


array of Gothic novel notecards

Looking for some notecards that will help you get into the Halloween spirit? I’ve got you covered with these Gothic novel notecards ($12). You get to choose any three options out of the 10 available, and envelopes are included.

5 Stephen King Postcards

If you’re feeling pressed for time, postcards might serve you better than note cards. This set of five Stephen King postcards ($14) will bring a seasonal chill to any recipient’s mailbox.

tarot-inspired raven wax seal and imprint

For you letter writers out there, this tarot-inspired raven wax seal kit ($9+) will help you add an arcane touch to your missives.


array of Halloween-themed paper bundles

The possibilities afforded by this 20-piece Halloween-themed vintage paper pack ($7+) are endless. Whether you want to make your own party invitations, decorations, or stationary, this 1990s Halloween ephemera will add a charming touch.

book with pages folded into a haunted house shape

If you’re looking for a fun project for a literary tome that’s served its purpose, this haunted house book folding pattern ($5) is a great option to consider. It’ll keep you busy for a while and add a playful element to your bookcase for the Halloween season.

paper dolls collage sheet

Okay, so admittedly this downloadable extravagant paper dolls collage sheet ($4) isn’t explicitly literary, but I couldn’t help myself. For you paper-lovers out there, combine these wild images with a literary paper pack for a whimsical display that will complement any Halloween decoration.

Book Accessories

two "potions" book covers with Halloween images

This digital download comes with four vintage-style book front covers ($4) for you to print and use to adorn books or other objects. Give your bookshelves a Halloween bent with this easy paper craft makeover.

bookplates featuring an illustration of an owl and a skull

These Gothic bookplates ($20+) will add a Gothic touch to any volume they adorn (and perhaps a comical threat for book borrowers contemplating not returning what’s yours!). With optional personalization, you can either handwrite your name or have it printed right on the bookplates.

bookmarks with quotes by and images of Gothic writers

Keep track of your pages with this downloadable Gothic horror bookmark bundle ($21). The bookmarks feature Gothic-inspired artwork, portraits of Gothic writers, and quotes from Gothic literature.

Other Goodies

Literary Witches Oracle deck set on top of cards from the deck

If you’re looking for a little guidance from the spiritual realm this Halloween season, try this Literary Witches Oracle deck ($10). Read this article offering tips on how to do a reading with an Oracle deck (as opposed to Tarot).

small glass bottle labeled "lost words"

Feeling lost for words? This Lost Words glass bottle ($13) will help you find what you’re looking for, and it’ll be a subtle addition to any literary-themed Halloween decor.

bundle of pages from vintage horror books

The possibilities are endless for this 25-page pack of vintage horror book pages ($5). Whether you’re into “junk journalling” or need some ephemera for a craft project, these pages will bring a creepy literary element to whatever you dream up.

More Treats to Enjoy

If you’re feeling playful, take this quiz to find out what fictional monster you are! Alternately, if you’re looking for some thrills and chills for your bookshelf, take a gander at this list of Gothic horror and magic books. Don’t feel like figuring out what to read for yourself? No worries — take this trick-or-treating quiz and get a recommendation of a spooky book to read.