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Anthony Karcz

Anthony has spent the entirety of his adult life being a professional geek, obsessing over superheroes, transforming robots, galaxies far, far away, and always keeping a careful side-eye on his many (many) gadgets, lest they gain sentience. He has two amazing geeklets and a wife who tolerates his ever-expanding geeky hobbies. In addition to Book Riot, Anthony writes for GeekDad and

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New York Public Library Launches ‘Insta Novels’

NYPL Insta Novels uses Instagram Stories to convert classic novels into animated, interactive, social media events.

Ruby Rose Cast as CW’s Batwoman

Fulfilling their promise to cast an LGBTQ actress, Orange is the New Black actress Ruby Rose has been case as Batwoman.

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Trump's son is looking to land a book deal. So Rioters put their heads together to come up with some possible titles for the planned Donald Trump Jr. book.