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Ruby Rose Cast as CW’s Batwoman

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In a bit of casting brilliance, the CW has found their Batwoman and it’s none other than Ruby Rose, who always manage to look like she’s going to bathe in the blood of her enemies and walk the runway simultaneously.

In other words, a perfect Kate Kane.

What’s also perfect is the CW having the batarangs to cast an LGBTQ actress in an LGBTQ role. Batwoman is an out lesbian in the comics (which many have speculated led to the title being cancelled) and that won’t change when her story is adapted for the small screen.

The only issue? The fact that the CW is having a bit of a rough go in regards to its collective “Arrow-verse.” Green Arrow is floundering, no matter how many salmon ladders Ollie does. Flash‘s titular character is such a whiny pain in the ass that no one wants to put up with him (despite having both Gorilla Grodd and King Shark appear on the show), and while Legends of Tomorrow managed to surge forward after an uneven first season, everyone is worried how long the magic can last.

Having Batwoman drop in to the middle of this December’s epic crossover is exactly the kick in the crotch the CW needs to revitalize its superhero lineup.

If the crossover appearance goes well, Ruby Rose will be bringing Kate to life in a full series in 2019 (headed up by Caroline Dries). Hopefully it will give us a chance to spend more time with one of the most interesting Bat-heroines in DC’s lineup.