Amy Diegelman

Amy Diegelman's fangirl tendencies date all the way back to sneaking into her brother's room to steal his comic books and have never wavered. Amy is a high-school drama nerd from Missouri, who somehow ended up with Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's Degree in Library Science. She is a Teen Librarian in Chicago, IL where she lives with her computer, video games, and a cat-shaped monster named CJ. Amy reviews books for School Library Journal, tweets at @amydieg, and once breathed the same air as LeVar Burton. Twitter: @amydieg

18 Love Poetry Books to Fall Head Over Heels For

Love poems are some of the most enduring works of literature in the world. These love poetry books, old and new, delve into every corner of love's meaning.

Cameron Post, Coming Out, and Me

Books didn't make me gay, that isn't a thing books can do. But books can help us realize things, and The Miseducation of Cameron Post helped me realize I was bisexual.

6 Things You Should Know About the Upcoming Obama Library

Six things you should know about the Obama Library and Presidential Center in Chicago, Illinois - from controversy to innovation.

50 Must-Read Plays by Women

A list of 50 of the best plays by women. For as long as there have been plays, there have been plays by women. Unfortunately, like many arts, theater has long been dominated by men and the preservation of men's work, often at the cost of women.

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Kickstart This: Miss Fisher the Movie

Phryne Fisher may finally get her big screen debut! The show's stars and creators have launched a Miss Fisher movie Kickstarter.

Library Privatization Passes Despite Public Outcry

Escondido citizens unsuccessfully fought a city council vote for library privatization, a movement that takes libraries out of community hands.

New Harry Potter Books Coming in October 2017

Bloomsbury has announced the publication of two new Harry Potter books to be released in October of 2017 for the series's 20th anniversary.