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The Elusive Accurate Stephen King Adaptation

Taking a look at the challenges faced by, and artistic license taken by directors of Stephen King adaptations, and King's thoughts on them.

An Open Letter to Stephen King

A response to Stephen King's comments about the Oscars and diversity.

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These authors like Stephen King will appeal to his fans, but each is still doing their own thing and making their own mark on the horror genre.

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Can't get enough of that terrifying clown? Here are some of the best IT themed items to fulfill for all your spooky horror needs for October.

Second PET SEMATARY Movie Trailer Released: Sometimes Second Trailers Are Better

A second trailer for the upcoming PET SEMATARY movie is here (and may give you nightmares)! The adaptation of the Stephen King classic is due this spring.

The 10 Best Stephen King Audiobooks, A Ranking

Winter is basically Stephen King audiobook season, so let's get into the top 10 Stephen King audiobooks, in particular order.

Beware Molly, The Thing of Evil (aka Stephen King’s Corgi)

In the course of researching his books, Jenn discovers the best things Stephen King has written: tweets about his Corgi Molly.

Which Stephen King Book Should You Read First? Take The Quiz!

Which Stephen King book should you read first? With nearly 100 books to his name, the task of choosing one to read can be daunting. This quiz can help.

Book Fetish: Volume 307

Bookish goodies for your literary life.

120+ Stephen King Short Stories and Where to Find Them

That’s right. 120 Stephen King short stories, and then some. One. Two. Zero.

Read Stephen King’s New Short Story for Free!

Stephen King released a new short story titled "Laurie" yesterday, and made it available for free on his website.

Stephen King’s THE LONG WALK Inches Closer to the Big Screen

Stephen King's The Long Walk has found a new production company and now has a script.

If Stephen King Wrote HARRY POTTER

What if Stephen King's novels all took place in the Harry Potter universe? Hear us out on this one...

Castle Rock Teaser Revealed as Stephen King Continues to Dominate All of the Screens

As the Stephen King adaptation train rolls on, which of his books would you like to see redone or filmed for the first time?

In Honor of IT, I Assemble a Literary Loser’s Club

Who would you include in a scrappy gang of literary kids who come together to save a town?