These are Every State’s Favorite Stephen King Movies



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For the third year in a row, USDish is holding a Stephen King view-a-thon, where one fan will get paid $1,300 to marathon Stephen King movies. The company has also determined which of his movies are most popular in each state. They checked the top 15 King movies according to IMDB, and then used Google Trends to see which of those titles each state searched for the most.

a map of the U.S.A. with each state labelled with a Stephen King movie. The title of the image is Your State's Most Searched Stephen King Film.

The movie that secured the top spot in the most states is It Chapter Two, which came out in 2019, followed by It. It isn’t just recent titles that made the list, though: the third and fourth spots go to Misery from 1990 and The Mist from 2007. The Shining only appears once on this map, in its setting of Colorado.

You can check out the full report at USDish.

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