Beware Molly, The Thing of Evil (aka Stephen King’s Corgi)

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As you might know from listening to me talk about it on Get Booked or SFF Yeah!, I am not much of a horror reader. (And by not much I mean, basically not at all, with the recurring exception of Lauren Beukes.) But in the name of Highly Classified Projects, I have recently done a dive into Stephen King’s work—and his Twitter feed. And while you’ll get to hear my thoughts on his books in a forthcoming [redacted for reasons of classified], I think it’s very important to acknowledge the best things he has ever written: tweets about his Corgi Molly.

While these tweets are basically short stories already, am I alone in wanting actual short stories about the Adventures of The Thing of Evil? I feel sure I am not! While we eagerly await that happy publication day, I give you the best tweets about Molly, the most horrifying Corgi in the world, from 2018.

[Photo: A black, white, and tan Corgi in a white sink, fur damp and left ear bent back, gazing directly at the camera.]

I think what particularly makes this one is the bent ear, and that gaze promising all the future hijinks/torture.

[Photo: A black, white, and tan Corgi with a red collar, curled up on a beige doggy bed with a little blue towel tucked over her tail.]

The photo itself is great, but the caption on this one is really what makes it. Well done, sir.

[Photo: A shot looking down at a clearly damp black, white, and tan Corgi gazing off to the viewer’s right, tongue sticking out.]

That manic gleam in her eye? It will haunt me the rest of my days.

[Photo: A black, white, and tan Corgi sitting in front a refrigerator on a gray tile floor, looking sassily at the camera.]

BRB, turning this one into an “Out of f*cks” meme…Also! What horrors did she perpetrate at Petco!? I MUST KNOW.

[Photo: a black, white, and tan Corgi has her head buried in a pint carton of ice cream, being held by Stephen King, with just her ears sticking out.]

I have a cat who is made of Evil and would very much like to know if this vanilla theory a) is true and b) works on felines.

[Photo: a black, white, and tan Corgi stands in a snowy area. Her face and nose are covered in bits of snow, and she’s looking directly at the camera.]

This one makes me wish for a Game of Thrones cameo for Molly. All men must die—but Corgis are not men!