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Read Harder 2018 Challenge Check-In: September

Update us on your progress on this year's Read Harder challenge!

Read Harder 2018 Challenge Check In: July

Come let us know how your Read Harder challenge is going (and if you're already done, don't forget to get your prize!)

Read Harder Challenge 2018 Check In!

The first quarter of the year is over, so we want to know how you're doing with the 2018 Read Harder Challenge so far.

Read Harder: An Assigned Book You Hated (Or Never Finished)

What schoolbooks did you hate? Here's one reader's list covering the 2018 Read Harder task that asks you to read an assigned book you hated (or never finished).

Read Harder: A Book with a Female Protagonist Over the Age of 60

Recommendations for books with a female protagonist over the age of 60 to help you complete task #23 of the 2018 Read Harder challenge!

Read Harder 2018: An Essay Anthology

Recommendations for excellent essay anthologies to help you complete the "read an essay anthology" Read Harder 2018 task!

Read Harder 2018: A Book With a Cover You Hate

Looking for books to fulfill 2018 Read Harder Challenge task #20: read a book with a cover you hate? Peruse these titles.

Read Harder 2018: A Genre Book In Translation

Looking for a great genre book in translation to help you with task #19 of the 2018 Read Harder Challenge? Here are 10 excellent options.

Read Harder: A Mystery by a Person of Color or LGBTQ+ Author

You're sure to find a great read in this list of mysteries written by a person of color or LGBTQ author which includes lot of subgenres and reading tastes.

Read Harder: A Sci-Fi Novel with a Female Protagonist By a Female Author

Ten great sci-fi novels featuring a female protagonist by a female author, to help you with the 2018 Read Harder Challenge from Book Riot.