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Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character is Your Reading Soulmate?

Everybody's got one! Take this quiz to find out how your reading style matches up in the wizarding world and which Harry Potter character is your reading soulmate!

Quiz: What Book Should I Read Next?

What book should I read next? A hard (and delightful) question, but we've got your answer. Take a quick quiz and let Book Riot tell you which book you're reading next.

Choose Some TV Shows and We’ll Give You a Book to Read

Take a break from bingeing your favorite shows and find a new favorite book. Choose some TV shows and we'll give you a book to read!

Quiz: What Book Should Be Your Valentine?

Should you spend this Valentine's Day with a steamy romance novel or a psychological thriller? Take the quiz to find out what book should be your Valentine!

Quiz: What Thriller Protagonist Are You?

Take this quiz and find out which thriller protagonist you are!

Quiz: Which Star Wars Book Should You Read?

Which Star Wars book is the perfect read for you? Take the agonizing decision-making process out of your hands and let this quiz decide!

Tell Us Your Favorite Books and We’ll Tell You Your Hogwarts House

Tell us your favorite books and we'll tell you what Hogwarts house to call your own. Take the quiz to find out which Common Room is right for you!

How To Find Your [Fill In The Blank] YA Identity/Experience

Find out your YA superhero identity, the name of your YA mixtape, and more.

Quiz: Which Woman from THE HANDMAID’S TALE Are You?

Take this quiz to learn which woman you are from THE HANDMAID'S TALE, and keep hoping this dystopian nightmare doesn't become reality.

QUIZ: Which Literary Dog Are You?

Are you more Lassie or more Toto? Take this quiz to find out which literary dog has the most in common with you!

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Jane Austen?

Test your Jane Austen knowledge!

Would You Rather: Book Edition

Would you rather, made bookish! See how your answers compare.

Quiz: Test Your Harry Potter Halloween Knowledge

Witches and ghosts and murder, oh my! How strong is your Harry Potter Halloween trivia knowledge?

Quiz: Book Title or Nail Polish Color?

Get your quiz on: book title or nail polish color? Or both?!

Quiz: Which Fictional Antihero Is Your Soulmate?

Find out which literary antihero you should end up with!