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How Moby-Dick Has Not Changed My Life

On not being sorry about not having read Moby-Dick, even as an academic.

Books I’ve Read Instead of Finishing Moby-Dick

Whaling, Victoriana, satire, and historical fiction one reader has picked up while she slowly makes her way through Moby-Dick.

Bookish Lyrics with Awesome References

A selection of songs featuring bookish lyrics. You might be surprised by some of these subtle and not-so-subtle references to authors and books.

Quiz: Metal Album or Fictional Dystopia?

This quiz challenges your literary and musical knowledge. Your task is to guess whether each title is a metal album or fictional dystopia.

4 New Books Set in New England to Read This Month

Four new novels coming in June, all set in New England

Literary Tourism: Nantucket

Literary Tourism heads to Nantucket to explore all of the bookish spots the area has to offer.

Totally Legitimate Literary Excuses

Literary excuses for when you're in a bind and need to sweet talk your way out of it.

BookJack Horseman: 24 Bookish BOJACK HORSEMAN Moments

BoJack Horseman, a Netflix original, is pretty much as bookish a show as it comes. BoJack is trying to resurrect ...

And I’d Do It Again: Books We Wish We Could Read Again for the First Time

Sometimes a reading a particular book can be so amazing, so life-changing, or so personal, that when other people read it, ...

Books and Children First: Bookish Apocalypse Movies

Neatnicks beware the unread books pile. Unattended too long, it takes on a Jenga tilt, with precariously positioned volumes threatening ...

10 Adventure Novels to Die For

Is there anything better than a great adventure novel? Here are ten (plus a few extra recommendations) to add to ...

On Ignoring Genre Divisions

The Internet world loves debates, but there are some debates that wear thin. For me, few of them are as ...

A Simple Tale About Man Who Hates An Animal: MOBY-DICK in Pop Culture

Call me illuminated. I’ve just finished Moby-Dick and, like many before me, I feel like I’ve been on a voyage ...

4 Book – Band Pairings That Are Beyond Epic

There exists a musical version of an old science fiction novel that is so fantastic that it outshines all other ...

Captain Ahab’s Last Words Cufflinks

Captain Ahab’s last words are among my favorite in all of literature. Most of us will probably shuffle off this ...