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#international women’s day 2017

To Reach The Farthest Sea

Bae Suah muses on the process of discovering the heroines of her novels.

The Women in Science We Don’t Write About

Silvia Moreno-Garcia contemplates the women in science we don't write about.

Double Erasure: Latin American Women Writers

On the struggles faced by Latin American women writers to have their work recognized.

5 Books by Queer Women

Books by queer women for International Women's Day!

3 On A YA Theme: International Girls of YA

Who runs the YA world? Girls.

Books for the Jewish Feminist

5 Latin American Women Authors to Read Right Now

A short list of buzzed-about female authors from Latin America.

Welcome to International Women’s Day 2017 at Book Riot

Why we're celebrating International Women's Day (and why we're celebrating it a day late) this year!

Must-Read Black Feminist Literature

Books about feminism by black authors to read ASAP!

Romance Without Feminism is No Longer an Option

On the feminist nature of modern romance novels, with reading recommendations!

Feminist Middle Grade Books

The best middle grade feminist books for International Women's Day!

Madonna and the Madwoman: On the Women of Jose Rizal’s Classic Noli Me Tangere

5 Women of Color Who Are Changing The World For The Better

Keah Brown discusses five women of color who are making the world a better place through their creative work.

Fiction That Breaks Sexist and Racist Stereotypes

Fictional characters who are breaking harmful stereotypes about women.

On Writing as a Woman

A consideration of the expectations placed on women writers.