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Ines Bellina is a writer, translator, and storyteller who is based in Chicago after many years in Lima, New York, Buenos Aires, Montreal, and other places that have slipped her mind. Along the way she got a bunch of literary degrees, which she is putting to good use at an ad agency. She is active in Chicago’s Live Lit scene and is currently writing a YA novel based on her love of musicals. Ines is also one of the hosts of XX,Will Travel, a podcast geared towards independent women travelers. When she’s not overscheduling herself, she sings love songs to her bulldog, Charlie. Follow her on Twitter @ibwrites.

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4 Latin American Dictator Novels for These Dark Times

Latin American literature is rife with novels that explore the region’s violent history and political upheaval. Yet, within that long list, there is a subgenre that has taken the time to examine, dissect and describe one looming figure: the Dictator. Here's a starting list of Latin American dictator novels to read.