Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

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22 Female + POC Authors Respond to #Election2016 on Twitter

Donald Trump is going to be (horrifyingly) our next POTUS. Here are the reactions of some of our favorite authors on the #Election2016 hashtag.

Speculating on Secretary Clinton’s Reading List

Hillary Clinton is a big reader, and we have guesses about what's on her TBR!


A roundup of #YA4Hillary tweets because as Whitney Houston sang "The children are our future."

Don’t Think You’re a Feminist? Read Gloria Steinem’s MY LIFE ON THE ROAD.

Half a review of Gloria Steinem's new book, "My Life on the Road"; half a reminder that Gloria Steinem is a goddess.

2016’s Presidential Candidates By the Books

Many books have been written among the candidates for 2016's presidential elections. Here's a round-up.

So You Want to Read Up on Hillary Clinton

Curious about the Hillary Clinton, Presidential hopeful? Here is what to read!

Down the Bibliography Rabbit Hole

One of the best things about reading nonfiction is the bibliography at the end of any well-researched piece. If I ...