This election is exhausting.

It’s easier to want to ignore, turn away, stay quiet and not have to engage because it’s so very overwhelming. But so much is at stake. We vote for a reason. We teach history for a reason. Cuba. Venezuela. Germany. Things can change while so many stand believing that it can never happen here. If you are exhausted by the current election imagine how marginalized voices feel. How exhausting it must be to constantly have to fight for the right to be treated equally in a country that claims to stand for that very thing. Imagine how exhausting it is to live terrified that we might elect someone who every day shouts things that clearly put so many people’s rights in danger.

When the hatred is screaming so loud staying quiet isn’t an option.

Many YA authors, and others in publishing, have joined together on Twitter to shout why they’re voting for Hillary Clinton using #YA4Hillary because as Whitney Houston sang The children are our future and as Sabaa Tahir puts it, we have to fight for their future.