16 Best Gifts for Comic Book Lovers

From apparel to toys to other merch (but no comics!), these best gifts for comic book lovers are sure to make their hearts go kablam.


This week, we're going batty once more with BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD, making a case for why the adaptation of the comic either passes or fails.

Make Coffee, Do Crimes: Mugs Featuring Comic Book Villains

There is no way I can do crimes without making coffee first. Fill up one of these comic book villain mugs to start your morning off right. Or, very wrong.

Super Feet: Socks to Celebrate the Hero in All of Us

In most of the world, it's time to bust out the boots. Feet need clothes too and, if you have to wear socks, you might as well wear superhero socks.

The Best YA Novels Starring DC Superheroes

Love DC heroes and YA fiction? Then check out this list of some of the best YA novels about DC superheroes, and see a different side of your comic faves.

TEEN TITANS: RAVEN Casts the Spell of New Orleans on Readers

Kami Garcia turned to fellow YA author Alys Arden to give readers, and main character Raven, an authentic Crescent City experience in TEEN TITANS: RAVEN.

Getting the Joke: Can An Iconic Villain Work Without His Hero? Thoughts on the Upcoming Joker Movie

With a new teaser trailer for the upcoming JOKER movie, one reader considers the DC villain's history and what this next portrayal will bring fans.

Your Favorite Superheroes as Musicals

The Ghost of Ships Past: My Take on Supergirl’s Cutest New Couple

In which we celebrate SUPERGIRL's newest emerging couple, Brainiac 5 and Nia Nal, while finally putting the ghost of ships past to rest.

Great Again: My Take on SUPERGIRL Season 4

On SUPERGIRL Season Four, the history of superheroes fighting racism, and why the episode "Man of Steel" maybe wasn't such a good idea.

The ABCs of LGBTQ: An Alphabet Guide to Queer Superheroes and Supervillains

We've put together a list of queer superheroes and supervillains, and we've got a character for every letter of the alphabet! Shout out any we missed.

Every Single Superhero Movie Coming Out in 2019

Every superhero movie coming out in 2019, all listed in one handy-dandy post!

DC Finally Unveils DC Universe: Digital Comics…and a Whole Lot More

DC's subscription service DC Universe will include comics, streaming shows and movies, and collectibles.

The Erasure of Female Characters in Branded Merchandise

Where's Princess Leia? How about Jessica Jones or Wonder Woman? Oh, exclusively in the women's section. On the erasure of female characters in branded merchandise and why that's bunk.

Toxic Masculinity Ruined Superheroes for Me and Women Saved the Day

This is the story of how toxic masculinity ruined superheroes for a reader for years before some good stories and people could redeem them.