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9 Science Fiction and Fantasy Webcomics to Binge Now

Laura Diaz de Arce

Staff Writer

Raised in a suburb built over a swamp, Laura Diaz de Arce is a South Florida writer with a penchant for long-winded explanations and a nasty reading habit she can't seem to kick. Her other quirks include sudden exclamations in Spanish and talking to cats. Laura has a Master's in Literature, which is currently lost somewhere in her office closet. She is the author of "Monstrosity: Tales of Transformation" and "Mask of the Nobleman." You can find her poorly spelled tweets and blurry photos on Twitter and Instagram @QuetaAuthor.

Webcomics: you can read them on a plane, in a train, in a car, in a bar. With a hat! On a mat! On a floor? Near the door! You get the idea. Webcomics, in case you are unfamiliar, are comics made readily available to read online or through subscription services. Good ones update regularly, and even some popular ones, (cough, Homestuck, cough) have their own very real fandoms. Some webcomics end up published and others do not. Sometimes they are maintained by professional, seasoned comic writers and artists while others are new and honing their craft. They span genres, art styles and frequency. Anyone can find a webcomic they like.

As a deep-seated lover of things I can read on my phone or tablet while waiting at an office, I have a lot of favorites. To keep this manageable, we’re going to stick Science Fiction and Fantasy comics. And I have come to share them with you. This has only four criteria: 1. More than three month’s worth of material. 2. Free to read (although please contribute to a Patreon, Ko-fi, or Kickstarter if you can!) 3. Has to have some sort of Science Fiction or Fantasy element. 4. Cannot have already been featured on this list, which you should also check out. Here are 9 science fiction and fantasy webcomics to  binge now!

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Agents of the Realm

Agents of the Realm by Mildred LouisBy Mildred Louis
Status: Ongoing. Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays
Rating: PG to PG-13
Alternate realities, traveling dimensions, mysteriously appearing weapons and the wonders of College dorm life collide in this very modern take on Magical Girls. Oh yeah, you read that correctly, this one goes out to all fellow sailor scouts who wanted a magical amulet of their own.

Always Human

By Ari/walkingnorth (1)

Status: Completed
Rating: PG
Let’s talk about body modification. Now let’s talk about love, identity, disability and body modification in the future. Then pair all that with Ari’s lush artistry and vibrant color palette and you’ve got one lovingly binge-able comic. Austen and Sunati have a meet cute, fall for one another, and then must contend with the everyday barriers to their relationship all in a well-developed futuristic setting. This comic is so sweet it will have you floating by the end.

Atomic Robo

Atomic-Robo-Chapter-3-Cover-Why-Dr-Dinosaur-Hates-Atomic-Robo-by-Brian-Clevinger-and-Scott-WegenerBy Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener
Status: Ongoing, but on a brief update hiatus while site is being redesigned. Don’t worry! You can still read what is there and also catch up on the spinoff series Real Science Adventures.
Rating: Scientifically speaking, probably PG. PG-13 for SCIENCE!
Now is probably a good time to apologize to all my friends after bombarding them with this comic after so many years. But really, it’s that good! All your favorite and not-so-favorite scientists will make an appearance, (Carl Sagan has never looked more like an action star).

Love Not Found

By Gina Biggs

Status: Ongoing, Updates Monday and Friday
Rating: PG-13 to R
I’ve been in love with Gina’s work since her decade-long running webcomic, Red String. With Love Not Found, Gina explores romance, love and intimacy in a future where anything goes- except touch. With a diverse cast of characters and explicit LGBTQIA representation, it’s a brilliant, fun modern romance.


Namesake by Megan Lavey-Heaton and Isabelle MelançonBy Isabelle Melançon and Megan Lavey-Heaton
Status: Ongoing. Updates Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Rating: PG-13 (violence)
Do not go into this comic unwarned: THERE IS A LOT. As is there is a lot of content. Isa and Megan started this comic eight years ago and it is still going! If you plan on binging through this, do it on vacation. It’s a sprawling fantasy epic about stories, other worlds, fairy tales, and literature. The comic is also all about literary cameos, making a good place for an English major to put their degree to good use.


By Ann Maulina
Status: Possible Short Hiatus. Updates Mondays and Thursdays
Rating: PG to PG-13
Maybe it’s the color palette, or maybe it’s the expert pacing, or maybe it’s Rien’s witchcraft itself that makes this comic as enchanting as it is. The comic stars the widowed witch Rien and her sons Ra and Ruu in the aftermath of a plague. It’s a simple plot that gives way to acute personal tragedies. Maulina is one amazing talent with an eye for panel layouts and character design that will keep you up reading on your tablet.

The Sea In You

By Jessi Sheron
Status: Ongoing
Rating: PG
Not saying The Shape of Water stole its “Sea Creature learns Sign Language” from Sheron, but she has definitely been doing this for a bit. Welcome to the world of Corinth, your friendly neighborhood goth with a heart of gold and her chance encounter with a young mermaid. Fun, sweet, and involving a whole lot of burgers, The Sea In You is just getting started.

The Substitutes

The-Substitutes-by-Myisha-HaynesBy Myisha Haynes
Status: Ongoing. Updates Every Other Tuesday.
Rating: PG for Language
It’s a well known rule that “inexperienced questers” plus “magical objects” equals comedy. That is no different in Haynes fantasy extravaganza complete with sorcerers, dimension jumping, and millennials. Read this one along with your D&D buddies, no roles for initiative needed.


(1) Webcomic creators often choose to go by their internet handles to protect their privacy or for other reasons.