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MerMay 2018: A Roundup of Great Mermaid Art

Christine Hoxmeier

Staff Writer

Christine Hoxmeier can usually be found hard at work in her beloved home of Austin with a cup of coffee in one hand and a taco in the other. She spends her free time reading, writing, and dreaming of a teleportation device so she can visit her friends spread across the globe on a daily basis. If it were possible to live inside one Disneyland attraction for the rest of her life, Christine would cheat and choose to split her time between It's A Small World and The Enchanted Tiki Room. She prefers to communicate in CAPSLOCK and with gifs. Twitter: @aramblingfancy

When creative people come together and decide to make art around the same idea, for no reason in particular, just because they can, I get excited. Last month, comic artists and illustrators around the globe came together daily to post mermaid art. That’s right, MerMay. MerMay is pretty straight forward: post a drawing, sketch, illustration, painting—whatever!—of a mermaid, every day in May. Many artists used this as a chance to try out different styles and techniques, and now we can sit back and revel in the massive creative output. I’ve compiled a selection of great entries for a MerMay 2018 roundup, and it was so hard to whittle it down to one piece for each day. Be sure to check out the MerMay hashtag on Twitter and Instagram for more!

A Roundup of Great MerMay Mermaid Art From Around the Web |

Here’s the whole, darn pool party! #mermay #mermay2018

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