10 Queer Romcoms That Will Make You Swoon

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Rachel Brittain

Contributing Editor

Rachel is a writer from Arkansas, most at home surrounded by forests and animals much like a Disney Princess. She spends most of her time writing stories and playing around in imaginary worlds. You can follow her writing at Twitter and Instagram: @rachelsbrittain

When it comes to queer romcoms, I am a sucker. Whatever it is, I’ll read it. Whatever the concept, I want it. As much as I love some good angst, there’s nothing like a comforting romcom to keep you company. I mean, is there anything better than witty banter and a happily ever after? I can answer that for you: no. There’s not. A romcom is made even better when it has queer characters who get lighthearted love stories and happy endings. The real world can be hard enough, which is probably why I love queer romcoms so much in the first place. Knowing there’s a happily ever after waiting for you at the end of all the flirting and drama is a sweet relief.

And these ten romcoms are the perfect mixture of swoony romance and hilarious antics. The stories are full of all the witty repartee you could want, and then some. Step aside, Benedick and Beatrice, these couples are coming for you with their banter. And while you might not see some of your more well-known favorites on this list like Casey McQuiston’s Red, White and Royal Blue, trust me, each and every one of these rom-coms deserve a spot on your TBR.

The Charm Offensive Book Cover

The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun

This too-cute-for-words romcom is all about a Bachelor-like reality dating show and the contestant and producer who fall in love during the newest season. Charlie only signed up for the newest season of Ever After to help rehabilitate his image after being ousted from the company he co-founded. It’s not like he really believes he’ll find the love of his life on a dating show. But then producer Dev is assigned as his new handler to keep Charlie’s awkwardness in front of the camera from ruining the show. The more he helps Charlie to open up, though, the more he realizes that the only person he really wants Charlie to end up with is himself.

I'm So Not Over You Book Cover

I’m So Not Over You by Kosoko Jackson

Fake dating your ex-boyfriend might sound like a terrible idea, and it probably is, but in this romcom from the author of Yesterday is History, it might just lead to a second chance for love. Kian hasn’t heard from his ex-boyfriend Hudson in months, so the last thing he expects is an urgent text asking him to pretend to be his boyfriend again while Hudson’s parents are in town. Reluctantly, he agrees. Now he’s the plus one to Georgia’s wedding of the season for a wealthy family where reputation is everything, and his supposedly fake relationship with his ex is starting to feel a little too real. Is the chance to rub shoulders with the elite and make career moves really worth it? Or maybe the true prize is spending time with Hudson again all along.

Delilah Green Doesn't Care Book Cover

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring-Blake

Looking for a steamy romantic comedy that will hit you right in the heart? Well, stop looking because you’ve found it in Delilah Green Doesn’t Care. Delilah never expected to return to Bright Falls and the cold stepfamily she left behind there. Her life in New York, with a new woman to warm her bed every night, is plenty enough, thank you very much. But when her stepsister guilts Delilah into photographing her wedding, she figures the least she deserves is to find a bit of fun where she can. And pushing the buttons of stuck-up Claire Sutherland is certainly fun. Maybe more than fun, actually. Especially when it becomes harder and harder for the single mother to resist Delilah’s charms.

Queerly Beloved Book Cover

Queerly Beloved by Susie Dumond (May 3, 2022)

This book by our very own Susie Dumond (you might recognize her from her horoscope book recommendations here on Book Riot) is deliciously queer and wonderfully fun. A semi-closeted baker/bartender’s people pleasing nature puts her brand new relationship at risk when she becomes a bridesmaid-for-hire. Amy’s friends are thrilled she’s finally found someone — a brilliant, attractive engineer, at that — but when her new business as a professional bridesmaid kicks her need to please everyone into high gear, the high wire act of balancing all these parts of herself might just endanger the life she wants for herself.

Love & Other Disasters Book Cover

Love & Other Disasters by Anita Kelly

What’s better than a cooking competition romance? A cooking competition romance featuring a nonbinary character! When the first openly nonbinary contestant on America’s favorite cooking show falls for their clumsy competitor on the newest season of Chef’s Special, it’s a recipe for complications. London Parker didn’t come out on national television to fall in love. And recently divorced Dahlia Woodson is on the brink of bankruptcy. This is no time for falling in love with the competition! But sometimes love happens when you least expect it.

D'Vaughn & Kris Plan a Wedding Book Cover

D’Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding by Chencia C. Higgins

D’Vaughn and Kris each have their reasons for faking a relationship — and a marriage — on Instant I Do, a reality TV show where they have to convince their friends and family they’re really getting married in order to win $100,000. Kris is hoping the stint on reality TV will elevate her status as an influencer. And D’Vaughn figures a big, splashy wedding is the perfect excuse to come out to her mom. But the chemistry they’re faking doesn’t fade when the cameras stop rolling. Their feelings might be real, but reality TV isn’t the best place to build a lasting relationship. And Instant I Do might just destroy their chances before they’ve even begun.

The Romantic Agenda Book Cover

The Romantic Agenda by Claire Kann (April 12, 2022)

Joy joins the love of her life for a weekend getaway with a bit of a catch: the woman he loves isn’t Joy. She’s hoping this weekend will be a chance to show Malcolm what’s he’s missing, but the truth is Joy might be the one missing out. She’s so caught up on Malcolm that she’s barely even looked up to see who else is around her. And Malcolm’s new love, Summer, has an ex who proposes he and Joy pretend to fall in love to make Malcolm jealous. It seems like a great plan until their feelings become all too real. And Joy, thirty, flirty, and asexual, might’ve just found the real love of her life.

I Kissed Shara Wheeler Book Cover

I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston (May 3, 2022)

Look, I didn’t need to know anything about this new Casey McQuiston book to know I wanted to read it. But knowing it’s about a missing prom queen and the frontrunner for valedictorian she recently kissed who’s now searching for answers only confirmed all my suspicions. Yep, this is an absolute must-read. Now, Chloe’s on a hunt for answers with only the cryptic note Shara left behind and the two boys she kissed as her unlikely collaborators. It’s a YA romcom meets mystery. And even though it’s the only YA novel on this list, don’t be fooled — it’s earned its place here among the adult romance titles.

Love, Hate & Clickbait Book Cover

Love, Hate & Clickbait by Liz Bowery (April 26, 2022)

When a misleading photo makes it look like the cutthroat political consultant and data analyst on a presidential campaign are kissing, the governor running for election asks them to lean into it — hard. Bad enough Thom and Clay’s real-life animosity for each other has to be buried, but now they have to pretend to be dating, too? It’s nothing more than a political stunt, but the more the two push past their hostility, the more their feelings begin to seem all too real.

Take a Hint Dani Brown Book Cover

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

A witchy PhD student and a professional rugby player turned security guard are caught up in a whirlwind of publicity when a photo of him carrying Dani out of a fire drill gone wrong has the whole internet shipping #DrRugbae. Dani sees it as a sign from the universe that they’re meant to sleep together, while Zaf is hoping the publicity will help his sports charity for kids. Either way, it’s the perfect excuse for them to be together. Only Zaf isn’t looking for a fuck-buddy; he’s looking for romance. Each of them has insecurities and issues of their own to work through, though, and with so many excuses to prevent it from working out, will the two of them ever be able to make this relationship real? (Spoiler: yes.)

If you’re anything like me, you’re definitely going to need even more swoon worthy queer romcoms in your life, so try these lists on for size: