• Episode 224 Dan Brown Goat Yoga
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The Podcast

  • Episode 224

    Dan Brown Goat Yoga

    This week, Jeff and Rebecca spend most of the episode gawking at one of the strangest book-world stories they've yet covered. 

  • Episode 223

    O’Neal’s Razor is Satisfied

    This week, Jeff and Rebecca talk about follow up about Audible for dogs and coloring book sales, unpack the non-profit Voldemort movie, Michiku Kakutani's forthcoming book, swearing in books, and much more. 

  • Episode 222

    Regularly Scheduled Awkwardness

    This week, Jeff and Rebecca anticipate a shared favorite coming to Netflix, bag on fixing book prices, scratch their heads over Audible for dogs, and decide that suing Levar Burton is ill-advised. 

  • Episode 221

    One Book Gravy Train

    This week, Jeff and Rebecca mull PBS' upcoming The Great American Read and ponder the world's highest earning authors.

  • Episode 220

    Identity Squatting

    This week, Jeff and Amanda follow-up about ambiguous pen-names, go over the 2017 Man Booker longlist, mark Michiko Kakutani's retirement from the New York Times Book Review, and much more.

  • Episode 219

    Don’t @ Me

    This week, Jeff and Rebecca follow-up about police distributing books to kids, relay the strange case of Dracula in Icelandic, round-up a bunch of adaptation news, and much more.

  • Episode 218

    Lexical Malfeasance

    In this episode, Jeff and Rebecca talk about sales numbers for BEHOLD THE DREAMERS post-Oprah selection, a good year so far for print sales, the opening of the new largest bookstore in the world, and try to get you to listen to Annotated (if you haven't already).

  • Episode 217

    Boundless Theories

    This week, Rebecca and guest co-host Jenn discuss new standards for ebook accessibility, the men's rights activists who took on a feminist bookstore, and more.

  • Episode 216

    Cross the Memes

    This week, Jeff and Rebecca talk about the launch of Annotated, tastefully gloat about guessing Oprah's next book club selection, appreciate the bookishness of Sarah Jessica Parker, and much more.

  • Episode 215

    Minimum Viable Pottermore

    This week, Jeff and Rebecca talk about our new podcast series, Emma Watson's ascent to the Mount Rushmore of celebrity book nerds, Amazon buying Whole Foods, and much more.

  • Episode 214

    Deploy Your Nuance

    This week, Rebecca and Jeff talk about JULIUS CAESAR backlash, Amazon being the fifth largest bookstore chain in the U.S, Trump blocking Stephen King on Twitter, and much more.

  • Episode 213

    A Guy Who Still Uses LiveJournal

    This week, Jeff and Rebecca discuss new info about the the Game of Thrones Extended Universe, Oprah's Book Club rumblings, Well-Read Black Girl's conference, and much more.

  • Episode 212

    A T-Shirt That Says, “Yea, Books”

    This week Jeff and Rebecca talk about listener feedback on Little Free Libraries and the Amazon Buy Button, the coming GAME OF THRONES adaptation multiverse, Audible experiments, and more.

  • Episode 211

    Crying Forearms

    This week, Jeff and Rebecca talk about the surprising strength of Scribd's subscribership, Little Free Library backlash, Bill Gates' recommended summer reading, and much more.

  • Episode 210

    Rolodex of Rants

    This week, Jeff and Rebecca talking about Author Who Shall Not Be Named suing his former publisher. changes to Amazon's "buy" button, James Patterson and Bill Clinton teaming up to write a thriller, and much more.