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The Most Popular Books of the Last 10 years, a Keanu Reeves/China Mieville Team-Up, Banning Dictionaries, and Being Dumb about Oprah, and More

Jeff and Rebecca kick themselves for not seeing the obvious reason Oprah might be stumping extra-hard for The Covenant of Water, marvel at Keanu Reeves, lament banning the dictionary, and are unsurprised, mostly, with a list of the most popular books of the last ten years.

Our Most Anticipated Books of 2024 (The First Bit of It, At Least)

Jeff and Rebecca run through some of their personally most-anticipated books of the first-ish half of 2024. Plus, they have some other Book Riot editors weigh in with their picks.

Obama’s Favorite Books of 2023, Iowa Book Banning Law Partially Stopped, Recent Reading, and more.

Jeff O'Neal and Rebecca Schinksy talk about Obama's favorite books of 2023, the best-selling books of 2023 in the U.S., some good news in Iowa, our winter reading, and more.

January 2024 “It Book” Knockout Round

Jeff O'Neal and Rebecca Schinsky choose the "it book" of January 2024 from a roster of 10 finalists.

The Year in Review

Jeff and Rebecca look at the most important, memorable, strangest, and all and all most superlative stories from the year in books and reading.

Wrapping Up Holiday Recommendation Requests & Our Most Giftable Books of the Year

Jeff and Rebecca handle a few last recommendation requests and then give some ideas for generally giftable books for 2023.

Holiday Recommendation Show, Part 2

Jeff and Rebecca wrap up their annual holiday recommendation extravaganza.

2023 Holiday Recommendation Show, Part 1

Jeff and Rebecca respond to listener book recommendation requests.

The Prepositional Phrase After Trickle

Jeff and Rebecca talk Amazon's best books of the year, The National Book Award winners, Goodreads Choice Award nominees, and much more.

Inclusive Insider Baseball

Jeff and Rebecca talk about Barnes & Noble's finalists for Book of the Year, a treasure trove of literary awards data, the stunning catalog of audiobooks from Spotify, and more.