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Book Design, Spotify Rate Rumors, a New Museum of Children’s Literature, and more

Sharifah Williams joins Jeff to talk about fonts of all things, plus what's going on with Spotify, the tough media landscape, and more.

The “It” Books of April

Jeff and Rebecca talk about the "it" books of the month. And struggle to pronounce Amor Towles.

Notes from a Reconnaissance Mission Into the State of Publishing

After noting the passing of Daniel Kahneman, Jeff debriefs Rebecca on his most recent round of discussions with the publishing world.

Underrated Authors

Jeff and Rebecca talk about authors they think are underrated. Even if only a little.

The NICKEL BOYS Adaptation, DC to Honor the First Trans Superhero, and a Basket of Book Banning News

Book Riot’s managing editor Vanessa Diaz joins Rebecca to discuss an upcoming adaptation of Colson Whitehead’s The Nickel Boys, the ...

People Will Come, Ray

Jeff is away this week, so in honor of baseball season getting underway, we are rerunning our episode in which Jeff and Rebecca talk about Field of Dreams and the book its based on, W.P. Kinsella's Shoeless Joe.

It’s Time for Publishers to Tell the Truth About Posthumously Published Books

Jeff and Rebecca talk about publishers misrepresenting posthumous books, Jeff's Q&A with Authors Equity CEO Madeline McIntosh, RuPaul's Allstora backtracking, and much more.

AMERICAN FICTION and Seeing The Book World On Screen and On the Page

On the occasion of Cord Jefferson's Best Adapted Screenplay win, Jeff and Rebecca talk about their favorite books, movies, and TV shows set in the world of books before talking about Erasure by Percival Everett and American Fiction.

A New Store and a New Publisher Both Trying to Reslice The Bookselling Pie

Book Riot editor Danika Ellis joins Jeff to talk about Allstore (a new online bookstore) and Authors Equity (a new publisher) coming at the same target from two different angles. Plus: a report on diversity in publishing and Spotify's curious new Audiobooks Tier.

Who Will Win Best Adapted Screenplay?

Jeff and Rebecca try to predict the most literary Oscar.