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Moms, Dads, and Grads Recommendations: 2023

Jeff and Rebecca respond to listener requests for recommendations.

The Gimmick is Life

Jeff and Rebecca talk about good buzz for the adaptation of Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret coming out this weekend, the most banned books of 2013, continued improvements at Barnes & Noble, a new Twilight adaptation, and more.

Searching for the “It” Book of April

Jeff and Rebecca are traveling for work this week, so we present the inaugural episode of First Edition to tide you over.

Wandering into Bookstores Barefoot

Jeff and Rebecca note a coming 10 years of discourse, are unimpressed by the bestselling books of the year so far, and chew on a big nothingburger about Obama's reading list.

You Cannot Moonlight as David

Jeff and Rebecca talk about audiobooks for quite a bit longer than they thought plus some other things.

MAD MEN, But for Publishing

Jeff and Rebecca tease First Edition a little bit more, wind up the case of the manuscript thief, continue to have more things to say about LLMs, are tentatively interested in Questlove's new imprint, consider Jeff's recent return to #booktwitter, and much more.

Break This Coffee Mug and Eat It

Jeff and Rebecca talk about a new podcast project (!), a record year for book bannings, more ChatGPT things (not all of them bad!), BookTok influencer pay, and much more.

Temporal Neophytes

Jeff and Rebecca talk about the Chat-GTP4's weak performance on AP English Exams, Leigh Bardugo getting that bag, why modern adults seem befuddled by time, recent reading, and more.

Give the People What They Want

Jeff and Rebecca talk about Noam Chomsky on AI, women publishing more books than men, a celebrity bookstore acquisition, TikTok getting into publishing, and more.

Rabbit-Deer Hybrid Thing

Jeff and Rebecca continue to mull ChatGPT's potential to change reading, assess another change to "classic" texts, recount recent reading, and more.