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Dragon Journals and Bookmarks for Book Wyrms to Add to Their Hoards

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Danika Ellis

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A few months ago, I did a roundup called Bookish Dragon Goods Worth Roaring About! In it, I found a bunch of adorable dragon accessories on Etsy: art prints, jewelry, toys, stickers, enamel pins, and more. But there were two categories of dragon goods that I had too many great examples for to fit into that post: bookmarks and journals!

There are some absolutely stunning handmade dragon journals that will make your wallet weep — but I’ve also included some more budget-friendly options. If you’re a fantasy fan, there’s nothing quite like a dragon. It’s the symbol of escaping into another world and going on grand adventures, synonymous with grand fantasy adventures.

If looking at all these beautiful dragon reading accessories is getting you itching for a dragon-centric book, we have you covered — for every age range! We have a list of Dragon Books for Kids, YA Series About Dragons, Adult Dragon Books/Dragon Books for Grown-Ups, and Dragon Book Series.

Let’s start with the most roar-worthy dragon journals, and then I’ll follow up with some adorable dragon bookmarks. Because we’re all book wyrms here.

Dragon Book Journals

3D Dragon face notebook

Dragon eye journals are a whole sub-genre of dragon notebooks, but this is my favorite example. It’s available in five different colors, and the 3D effect is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t imagine actually writing in this work of art! $85

Steampunk dragon notebook

Speaking of works of art, this steampunk dragon notebook would be a focal point in any room — or a real power move as a Dungeon Master in a Dungeons & Dragons game. $180

Steampunk dragon journal

And because I couldn’t resist, here’s another steampunk dragon notebook! $100

Engraved wooden dragon notebook

There are a few cute dragons on this list, but this one is…not that. This engraved wooden dragon notebook has a slavering dragon to guard your writing. $25

Three dragons wooden pocket journal

This wooden pocket journal has three simple but eye-catching dragon designs engraved into the cover. It can also be made left-handed! $15

Dragon campaign notebook

This dragon notebook is designed for D&D campaigns, but it can be used in all sorts of ways. The pages can be lined, dotted, graph paper, or a combination. $8.50–18

Watercolor dragon pocket notebooks

I can’t stop staring at these pocket notebooks with a watercolor dragon illustration! They’re only 40 pages: perfect for keeping in a pocket at all times. $5

Chinese paper-cut dragon journal

There’s more than one way to draw a dragon! The next few are Chinese dragon journals. This is a gorgeous hand-bound papercut dragon notebook. $42

Fabric Chinese dragon journal

This beautiful fabric dragon journal will demand your best writing. $42

Customizable wooden dragon journal

You can get this wooden dragon journal customized with your name! $43–58

Sleeping dragon journal

I promised some cute dragons! This adorable sleeping dragon notebook is perfect for D&D, as the background of die suggests. $21

Dragon lined notes

For a more affordable option, you can get these dragon lined notes! $6

Dragon Bookmarks

Miniature dragon book bookmark

This is both a teeny tiny dragon journal AND a bookmark! $15

Glow in the dark dragon bookmark

This glow in the dark dragon bookmark is a showstopper, and it’s available in a range of colors. $30–33

Sleeping dragon paperclip bookmarks

Now we’re getting into the really cute stuff. Look at these tiny sleeping dragon bookmarks! $9 each

Magnetic Toothless bookmark

Maybe you have a particular dragon you’re a fan of, like How To Train Your Dragon‘s Toothless! This magnetic Toothless bookmark will be a perfect match. $4

Wire dragon bookmark

This wire dragon bookmark is the best accompaniment to any fantasy read. $8

Wooden dragon eye bookmark

Another in the dragon eye style, this hand-burned wooden bookmark is a work of art. $41

Book Dragon bookmark

Of course, sometimes you just want a traditional, 2D bookmark with an eye-catching illustration, like this book dragon bookmark. $5 Or get a bundle of four printable watercolor dragon bookmarks for $10!

Holographic book wyrm bookmark

This adorable “book wyrm” bookmark is also holographic! $2.50

Pride dragon bookmark

Finishing this post off strong with a bookmark showing a collection of dragons in Pride flag colors! $2.50