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25 Must-Read YA Books About Witches To Add Magic and Curses To Your Reading Life

Who says you can only read witchy books one time of the year? We certainly don't. Dig into these 25 great YA books about witches all year long.

Quiz: Which Weasley Sibling from Harry Potter Are You?

Take our Weasley Sibling Quiz to find out which of the seven red-haired, freckled family members from Harry Potter you would be!

Here Are Your 2018 Hugo Award Winners!

On Sunday August 19, the 76th Worlds Science Fiction Convention highlighted the legacies being forged now by women writers who are reshaping the genre.

Barack Obama Shares His Latest Summer Reading List

We're not ready for fall until President Obama shares his latest reads. And now that it has happened, and it's such a wonderful list, bring on the PSL.

Literary Tourism: Newark, New Jersey

Here are three things more people should tell you when you move to a new city, fresh out of college, ...

A Conversation with Jenny Han, Author of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Children’s and young adult author Jenny Han has a lot to be excited about. On Friday, Netflix released the film version ...

Classic Novels Rewritten as Millennial Clickbait

We’ve all seen them—headlines about avocado toast, ruined industries, and microtrends from one corner of Brooklyn that the New York ...

Quiz: Answer 8 Questions And We’ll Pick Your Next Book Club Book

So, it’s your turn to decide your next book club book? This can be stressful. What if everyone hates your ...

These Are The Best Madonna Books: List List #316

Take a look at this weekly round-up of bookish lists from around the web, curated by Book Riot!

How To Return A Kindle Book You Accidentally Purchased

Please tell me I'm not the only person to purchase a book only to realize that I already have a paperback on my shelf!?! Here's how to return a Kindle book. 

Mystery Trope: Covered In Blood, With No Memory…

Are you a fan of the mystery trope where a character looks to be the murderer--so much blood!--but has no memory? Here are some great recs!

THE USES OF ENCHANTMENT Taught Us That Fairy Tales are Necessary

Examining the disturbing, original versions of European fairytales and child development through Bruno Bettelheim's THE USES OF ENCHANTMENT.

My Secret Shame: I Can’t Finish Series

How do you stick with a series? One Rioter talks about reading book series and confesses to being unable to stick with them.

Quiz: Which “Baby-Sitters Club” Member Would Be Your Dream Baby-Sitter?

Which Baby-Sitters Club Member Would Be Your Dream Baby-Sitter? Take our quiz to find out!

15 Of The Best Alien Books: Invasion Stories, Encounters, And Beyond

We think these are 15 of the best alien books about alien invasions, alien abductions, and alien civilizations. Do you agree?