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You Can’t Resist More Blank Journals and Notebooks, So Here Are Some Options

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Do you own too many blank journals and blank notebooks? Welcome to the club. I don't know what is — anxiety, maybe? — that keeps me from using the stash of blank journals and notebooks I have, but I can never resist picking up more whenever I run across one that looks like it's *perfect* for (fill in the blank purpose that's never actually executed).

I jest, of course. I do use my blank journals and notebooks, but not at a rate consistent with their acquisition. I've got one notebook I keep all of the quotes I use for yoga in, which has some great divided sections where I can also pop in notes I have for sequence ideas or short entries about teaching/my students' experiences where appropriate. I use a notebook for writing ideas, a small notepad for brain dumps and to-dos, and several other journals are strewn about the house collecting any number of things.

That said, I'm always looking at the next great blank journals and notebooks, if for no other reason than their aesthetic value. And frankly, I don't judge you if you do the same or if you collect blank notebooks simply because you like how they look.

Let's take a dive into some really rad blank journals and notebooks you can pick up. I've got a little of everything here, from meaty journals to small notepads you could pop in a (reasonably-sized) pocket.

Blank Journals and Notebooks For Your Stash

image of two notebooks on a white background. the top notebook reads "you can do hard things" on a light  orange background.

I'm not usually one who loves words on my paper products, but I really love the message and design of this sweet "you can do hard things" notebook. $10

Red fabric notebook with orange semi-circles. It's lying on green grass.

Maybe you need an indestructible notebook for all of your wanderings? Then look no further. There are a number of great cover options for this tear-proof notebook. $14

Four notebooks. Two are teal, one is read, one is white marbled. All have a birth month flower on them and a name.

Choose a birth month flower and personalize with your name or anything else you'd like with these fun floral notebooks. $20

Image of a white hand holding a brown notebook. It has a rainbow embroidered on the right hand side.

There are a ton of gorgeous options for an embroidered notebook, but I'm partial to this rainbow. $14 and up.

Four notebooks. They are designed in Japanese anime style and all feature cats.

These Japanese anime style notebooks are so dang cute. Pick your cute cat of choice, as well as your paper of choice. $18 each.

Image of a brown notebook with a woodpecker design.

The woodpecker art on this notebook is so evocative. $13

Cream colored notebook with red and orange moon phases down the center.

A desert-style take on a moon phase notebook. I love the earthy feel of this one. $9

Image of a notebook with a watercolor motif, pink at the top to blue at the bottom.

If you love the ocean and watercolor, you can do no wrong with this serene notebook. $20

Image of a green plaid notebook on a table.

Plaid! I may have dropped this plaid notebook into my cart. You can choose from a few color ways. $18

Image of a stack of notebooks in a range of colors. The page edges match the spin and cover colors.

Snap up a vegan leather notebook in a color that is most pleasing to you. $15 and up.

Image of a pile of notebooks made from vintage Nancy Drew books.

What about an upcycled notebook made from a vintage book? If you love mysteries or children's classics, the Nancy Drew notebooks make for the perfect place to jot down all of the clues you've unraveled in your own mysterious life. $21

Image of a stack of white notebooks. All have an herb on the cover.

Select your favorite herb and have yourself a cute herb notebook. $21

Image of a giant leather journal with stones representing the 7 chakras down the center.

If you are in the market for a GIANT NOTEBOOK, maybe this GIANT NOTEBOOK made of leather, including 800 pages, and measuring nearly two feet tall is what you're looking for. $220. Please, if you buy this, you need to show me how you're using it.

Image of a brown leather notebook with the initials JMT on the bottom right.

Personalized pocket leather journal? Talk about a convenient place to joy down all of your can't-forget notes. $32 and up.

Two richly-colored notebooks beside a cup of coffee on a table.

Choose from a few options for these rich, African print ankara style notebooks. $20

Image of an intricately-designed green notebook made by hand.

Finally, if what you're looking for (or…looking at and then suddenly for) in a notebook is that it's intricate and handmade, this is a winner. This lokta paper notebook offers a few design options, each of which is sumptuous and one of a kind. $25 and up.

Looking for more great notebooks? We've got you covered with some zodiac notebooks, fantastic options for bullet journals, and some sweet dragon notebooks. If you're itching for how to use up your collection of blank notebooks and journals, maybe you'd like to try your hand at book journaling.