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Your Horoscope Says You Need Zodiac Notebooks

I’ve mentioned before my love for astrology and all things zodiac. It’s certainly trendier now than it was when I was a teenager, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Previous, I highlighted a number of great zodiac bookmarks. Now, let’s look at some gorgeous and fun zodiac notebooks. Because you can never have enough notebooks.

All of the zodiac notebooks below come for every star sign, unless otherwise noted.

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Zodiac Notebooks



Get yourself a customized leather zodiac journal in a variety of color options. $21.



These leather zodiac notebooks are absolutely gorgeous and made from leather. Every single one of the signs makes me want it. $80.



I’m into the light and airy feel of these zodiac journals. $12 and up.



Pick your sign for these wooden cover journals. $14 and up.



This constellation journal looks like it’d be perfect for all of your Important Business. (If you’re heavily influenced by Scorpio like I am, you know that your life is filled with Important Business requiring a journal like this!). $47.



Need a pocket size zodiac notebook? This will fit that bill! $12.



These star sign notebooks are dreamy. $16.



Choose your sign and choose your color with these personalized notebooks. $22.



Although not zodiac specific, this starry notebook is one I just had to include. $22 and up.



Sometimes the simplest notebooks can be the prettiest ones. $12.50 and up.



Pick out three zodiac signs of your choice (or have them randomly picked!) for a set of new notebooks. $11.



Another pretty zodiac sign journal option. $14.



Marbling + iridescent foil = the perfect personalized star sign notebook. $16.50.



Customize and personalize this astrology journal to your heart’s desire. $40 and up.



These ruled notebooks, well, rule. $9.



Whatever your sign, you can pick up one of these simple, cleanly designed notebooks. $10.



Grab a vegan, faux leather constellation notebook. $38 and up.



These handmade and hand combed journals feature not just the characteristics of each sign, but also the colors associated with those signs. $25.



Your sign’s symbol within a moon. So celestial! $5.



How unique and fun are these recovered wood notebooks? Pick your sign! $15.50.



Lovely and delicate. $18.50.



Your star sign and your birthstone in one notebook. $19 and up.



These zodiac notebooks are laser engraved with your sign and your name. $35 and up.



Last, but not least, if you want to treat yourself, grab one of these medieval style journals that one reviewer called the most beautiful journal ever. $92.


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