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M. Lynx Qualey

M. Lynx Qualey is the founder of, a website that brings together translators, authors, publishers, critics, academics, and readers around discussions of Arabic literature in translation. She works as a book critic, reader, editor, and ghostwriter. You can follow her at @arablit.

Kids Need Diverse Books, And They Need Diverse Translations, Too

Laura Watkinson is a translator and translation-activist on why kids need to read books in translation, and why we don't have more of them.

5 New Korean Novels for Fans of Doona Bae in Netflix Series STRANGER

Finished watching the Korean Netflix series STRANGER? Read these 5 novels by Korean women the show's independent-minded Det. Han Yeo-jin would love.

What’s on Your Pre-Apocalypse Reading List?

If the world were to end next week, in, say, a nuclear showdown between two blustery national leaders, what would make your pre-apocalypse reading list?

7 August Releases by Women in Translation This #WITMonth

August is #WITMonth! Celebrate with these seven new releases, all from women authors, all newly translated into English.

How You Can Participate in Women in Translation Month This August

Only about 30% of new translations into English are of books by women. #WITMonth gives us a chance to celebrate translated literature by women.

Why It Matters When an Iranian Children’s Book Illustrator Is Refused a Visa

Illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi was refused a visa to come to the UK for the Edinburgh Book Festival. It's the public that misses out with restrictions & bans.

Audiobooks for the Whole Family: 5 for the Sweet Spot

Great audiobooks for the whole family.

Why Red-Line-Crossing Novelist Ezzedine C. Fishere Doesn’t Fear Trolls

Daoud, a character in "Embrace on Brooklyn Bridge," is perhaps the most believable 9/11 supporter in fiction. Why did his creator take this risk?

A Brief Introduction to Saudi Literature, from 18th c. Satire to 21st c. Comix

Get to know Saudi Literature and bulk up that TBR even more.

The ‘Nights’ and Beyond: Books Medieval Arabic Scholars Didn’t Want You to Read

If you really want to disappoint the 15th century literati, there's no better way to do it than indulging with popular tales and epics.

9 Iraqi Books to Watch For: Horror, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Poetry, and More

Iraqi books written by Iraqis.

For International Children’s Book Week: Around the World in 10 Books

The "global" children's literature that's celebrated is often almost entirely from Europe. This is a trip around the globe, from Mexico to Shanghai.

Travel The Universe With 11 Short Story Collections By Women

Short stories have become a sandbox for formal, stylistic, and ideational experimentation. They can also help us re-imagine womanhood and women's lives.

A Black History Month Reading List to Re-imagine Trumpspeak America

Most lists of books about fascist futures, resistance reading, and Trumptopias have been made up of works by white writers. Seven by African-Americans.

A Valentine’s Cocktail: Arabic Poetry, Lust, Calligraphy, and Art

Keep your Valentine's Day from bland love-isms with radical-classical love poetry, women's lust, Arabic calligraphy, and fiery art.