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M. Lynx Qualey

M. Lynx Qualey is the founder of, a website that brings together translators, authors, publishers, critics, academics, and readers around discussions of Arabic literature in translation. She works as a book critic, reader, editor, and ghostwriter. You can follow her at @arablit.

Read Harder 2017: Poetry Collections in Translation (Not Above Love!)

Poetry collections to help you tackle the "poetry in translation about something other than love" task of the Read Harder Challenge!

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If your 2017 resolutions include a note to read more Arab women -- translated from Arabic, French, or written in English -- we have 100 to recommend.

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Nadine Kaadan is helping plan a weekend of stories and songs for Syrian victims of war. Here, she talks about what else librarians and teachers can do.

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Ten bookish gifts -- cookbooks, children's literature, fiction, and more -- crafted by Syrian artists or benefiting Syrian refugees.

The Best Palestinian Book Swag, With Watan Founder Jumana Al-Qawasmi

There are plenty of places to get Edgar Allen Poe and Jane Austen book art. But what about Palestinian-lit greats like Mahmoud Darwish and Fadwa Tuqan?

Bangladeshi Comic ‘Ms Shabash’ Fights Whitening Creams, Auntybots

Ms. Shabash, a Bangladeshi superhero, fights CEOs who sell whitening creams and hordes of robo-aunties in a funny, socially aware comic for all.

Books by 4 Radical Writers Who Brought Down a Government

In 1998, Kuwait ushered in an era of censorship after controversy over four writers. Things now may be changing for the better: But who were those writers?

6 New Must-Translate Arabic Novels

Six acclaimed and award-winning Arab novelists who have new books out this year that are available for translation.

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Under-the-radar classics of Arab literature with cult followings.

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Books by soon-to-be-canonized American novelist Ursula Le Guin for every age, from the womb to your eighth decade.

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Women in Translation Month a Success: 6 Next Steps

We're losing women writers in translation at every stage. #WiTMonth was a success, but where do we go next?

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Hilal Chouman doesn't want to talk about his novel, Limbo Beirut, coming in translation this month. He wants to recommend other great Arab writers.

4 Books That “Predicted” Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Three novels and a comic that foretold the rise of Donald Trump's campaign for President.