Just a Bunch of Pictures of Dogs and Books. That’s It, That’s the Post.

Susie Dumond |
8 months ago

On October 15, my fellow Book Riot contributor Abby Hargreaves published an ode to cats and books. Yes, we can all agree that adorable fuzzy felines paired with stacks of books is a winning combination. And society tells us that the Venn diagram of cat lovers and book lovers has a large area of overlap. But Abby, did you really need to hate on dogs to glorify cats and books? Sure, dogs need walks. But isn’t that the perfect opportunity to listen to an audiobook? And dogs are just as likely as cats to be a calm, quiet companion while you read, especially old dogs. Haven’t you ever had a kitten bat at your page corners as you try to focus? And you’re right, dogs may try to sneak a bite of your reading snack. But aren’t snacks better when shared with a furry friend?

So with that in mind, I see Abby’s pictures of cats and books, and I answer it with a list of dogs and books. You’re welcome.

Oh, can your cats pose like models with books? Probably not.

Can your cat politely visit your local indie bookstore? I doubt it.

Will your cat wear silly outfits for the ‘gram? Didn’t think so.

Not to mention THERAPY DOGS that let you READ TO THEM. I mean, come on. They’re human’s best friend for a reason.

Okay, enough with the cat shade. Let’s just get to the cute dogs, shall we?

Tall dogs demand tall book stacks!

Looks at these outdoorsy, bookish doggos. So good!

Life hack: Use your dog as a bookmark. A barkmark? Maybe.

Big dogs need big books. That’s a fact.

Book stacks make excellent pillows.

That knowing gaze. I can’t.

Have you ever seen a good boi more excited to hear about your latest read?

Gotta learn to read and scratch bellies at the same time.

Okay, so maybe sometimes they can be difficult reading partners. But still cute!

This doggo is ready to get spooky.

Always down for a seasonal photo shoot.

The cutest smile I’ve ever seen!

This dog is having an existential crisis about never finishing his TBR.

“These books is too scary! Just pet my belly!”

A furry Queer Eye fan.

Lil sleepy reading companion.

File under “photos you can hear.”

That’s the face of a dog ready for a nap.

“What happens next? The suspense is killing me!”

That underbite. I’m crying.

“Holiday romance is my favorite!”

Nothing better than a dog matching a book cover.


The fancy paws!

Official library book inspector.

And last, my very own good dog/reading companion, Waffles.

They’re all good dogs. I give 12/10 to the lot of them.

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