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The Best Bridgerton Fan Fiction

Fill the void between seasons and books with the best Bridgerton fan fiction for each sibling (and then some).

Rediscovering a Love of Fan Fiction in My 30s

After a long hiatus, I've finally rediscovered my love of fan fiction, and I'm annoyed it took me this long to remember the joys of fanfic.

Can You Be Nostalgic For A Book You Never Read?

Can you experience nostalgia for a book you never read? One reader examines the development for a fandom through fan fiction.

7 Fan Fictions By Published Authors

From TWILIGHT to SAILOR MOON, get to know the fan fictions of published authors while they're still available online for to read.

How Fan Fiction Influenced My Reading

On the ways in which fan fiction ushers people of all ages and genders into the realm of reading and storytelling, and how it happened for one reader.

I Ship It: Comic Book Ship Names

Do you ship any particular comic book couples? Keri certainly has some favorite ship names.

An Open Letter to Fan Fiction

"No matter how much the small-minded may try to restrict you, you remain one of the most flexible forms of entertainment I’ve ever come across."

My Fan Fiction Addiction

Coursera Lit Class Wishlist

Top 5 Fan Fictions I’d Actually Want To Read