The Best Bridgerton Fan Fiction

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Netflix’s Bridgerton series is so hot that it reignited sales for Julia Quinn’s beloved series of books AND set the internet alight with some of the best Bridgerton fan fiction (more than is humanly possible to consume). Okay — so some artistic license is allowed in this statement; however, it is not as big an exaggeration as you may think. Season 2 was even more popular than the first season, sitting in the Top 10 series on Netflix across 91 countries. The Netflix series differs very much from the original books, especially with Season 2. Some might even consider the series to be fan fiction itself. Whatever it is, it is fanning the flames, and we cannot get enough of the characters.

The great news is seasons 3 and 4 already have the green light, but it is a long wait until the next season starts. We have the best Bridgerton fan fiction to help scratch your itch if the books aren’t enough for you.

Warning: there is a lot. There are eight (8) Bridgerton siblings, which gives enough material to work with. Add additional side characters, alternative love pairings, modern vs. canon period timing, and the ever-popular full-blown family saga. Better put the kettle on and make yourself a nice pot of tea. We could be here for some time yet. 

A quick note about fan fiction: fan fiction will never take away from the source material and original copyright. It is a way for fans to explore more profound concepts, new relationships, or alternate settings. Yes, there can also be a lot of smut. If you are new to the fan fiction scene, get started with A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Fan Fiction here and the Best Fan Fiction Apps and Sites here. And if all of this Bridgerton fan fiction has you thinking about your own storytelling, here are some tips on How to Start Writing Fan Fiction here

Best Bridgerton Fan Fiction for the Main Sibling Characters


Anthony is the most popular Bridgerton in fan fiction, in part because of his love-hate relationship with the gorgeous Kate Sheffield (or Kate Sharma, thanks to the Netflix series). He is also one of the most complex, being the eldest of the siblings with a strong sense of responsibility to care for them. Anthony’s original love story is front and centre for the second book of the series, The Viscount Who Loved Me. If you’re looking for more of the troubled rakish rogue, check out A Thousand Cuts by wall_e_nelson. It’s a canon-ish long series on AO3, with 37 chapters for a dark and angsty dive into the life of Anthony. A lot of this is pre-Kate and contains some serious emotional baggage between Anthony and various family members. 

Much of the best Bridgerton fan fiction is filled with Anthony, and you can spend weeks diving through it — believe me, I did. For a short quick romantic visit, I love You Came Just Like a Flower in My Darkest Hour by HarmonizingSunsets. You can also find pairings of Anthony with almost anyone, from Kate to Siena to Simon and even Penelope. He really does get around. 


We are yet to see Benedict’s love story on the small screen, but he is the ultimate hopeless romantic in An Offer from a Gentleman. It’s like a Cinderella retelling but starting with the masquerade ball. It also has prompted some of the most romantic fan fiction across the internet because Benedict is a big, soft, and hopeless romantic. You can find plenty of Benedict gems throughout the best Bridgerton fan fiction since he is a great supporting character. However, Benedict is almost perfect when he is with his art and his family, like in Family Portraits by Hallow_night, a short piece featuring Benedict and family portraits for the Bridgerton siblings. 


I don’t know what features more often in Colin fan fiction: food or travel. Both are my weakness, with a healthy dose of Penelope’s wit. That and Colin being an idiot. He really is. You can see it on full display in How NOT to Romance Penelope Featherington by goddessqueen. For a few more chapters of smut and multi-relationship love with Colin, check out Dress by TheSushiMonster. It’s a modern setting for Colin and Penelope to share in some writer-support and research for sex scenes. 


Bridgerton’s first season follows the books with Daphne and Simon in The Duke and I. It’s easy to be caught up in their romance, starting with the whole “fake dating” trope. But if you want to see Daphne shine like a diamond, take a look at her relationship with Eloise. Belonging and Understanding by ktho98 captures it beautifully with a short piece set around when Daphne is suddenly engaged to Simon. 


Snappy comebacks and quick put-downs have made Eloise a favourite amongst fans. She grabs almost every scene in some of the best Bridgerton fan fiction. However, there isn’t a lot of focus on her life. Eloise is like Benedict in her awesomeness as a side character for many of her siblings. Thanks to the Netflix series, there is a growing interest in developing her relationship with Theo from the printer shop. Canonical Eloise leans more towards Phillip Crane in the original book To Sir Phillip with Love. It’s a great inspiration for the modern retelling Pearly-Dewdrops by INTPSlytherin_reylove97, filled with lots of chaotic good in an outdoors setting. 


I hate to admit it, but the Bridgerton fan fiction for the three younger siblings is scarce, which is a shame because they have some of the more exciting storylines. Francesca’s book, When He was Wicked, has the steamiest scenes in the entire Bridgerton series. She is also the quietest and most contemplative of the lot. You can have both with My Bones on Your Bones by tosca1390. It’s a short post-book scenario, but it is so good. 


Gregory is the last of the Bridgertons to marry and as clueless as his brothers. Due to the long journey to reach the altar, Greg-centric fan fiction tends to float between romantic adult and adorkable preteen. I love the insight into Greg’s sibling-like relationship with Kate in He is Only Thirteen by adelindschade. Of course, I also love a bit of modern drama and text-chat format in On the Way to the Wedding But Make it Text by folklaureate, which is absolutely hilarious. 


Finally, we reach Hyacinth, the youngest and most adventurous of the Bridgerton siblings. She features far more as a young child or teen in other characters’ stories rather than her own. It’s a shame because I find her intelligence on-point, and the potential for some adventurous “treasure hunting” is irresistible. Score another one to folklaureate and National Treasure. Unfortunately, it is incomplete, but it is also highly entertaining in the only way Hyacinth can be. 

The Whole Bridgerton Family

Naturally, the best Bridgerton fan fiction includes the entire family. They are like a complete set: you can’t have one sibling without at least another three jumping in for entertainment value. So many fans have portrayed the dynamic in hilarious and loving ways. The most popular on AO3 is the Bridgerton & Sons series, a modern retelling set in the family legal business of Bridgerton & Sons. It is heavy on the Kathony but has enough involvement from everyone else to make it a smash hit! The author, Moomin_94, has a natural affinity for the Bridgerton series with plenty of other work for you to explore. 

The Best Bridgerton Fan Fiction with Alternate Relationships

With its period setting, Bridgerton is rather heavy on the M/F relationships. That’s where fan fiction shines, introducing more variety in the characters’ opportunities and choices. Benedict’s sexual exploration in the Netflix series has inspired plenty of M/M fan fiction and polyamorous storylines, especially with the introduction of Henry Granville. Check out A Bachelor’s Pleasures by koszyczek. Eloise and Penelope is another popular match, along with Simon and Anthony. 

There are also variations to the canon relationships, with many featuring Penelope paired with someone else. Both Marina and Siena can have happier endings. Even Cressida Cowper gains a look-in. This is the beauty of fan fiction: Anything is possible.

I will warn you again: the pool for the best Bridgerton fan fiction is more like an ever-growing swirling ocean that will drag you down to the bottom, never to be seen again. Each day, more stories are added, and it will only get worse/better when the next season drops. So embrace it and enjoy your guilty pleasure. And always remember: the original characters and story ideas belong to Julia Quinn and her books.