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FAHRENHEIT 451 Takes a Fireman’s Hatchet to Social Media—Watch it Anyway

Critics haven't loved HBO's FAHRENHEIT 451. See it anyway.

Reading Pathways: Ray Bradbury Books

Where to start with Ray Bradbury books? A writer, pop-culture aficionado, patron saint of nerdom, and lover of cats. We've got a list to get you started.

Perpetual Light in a Dystopian World: Students Still Read Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

HBO's upcoming film, Fahrenheit 451, is certain to be a great film; the great Ray Bradbury novel remains a school classic 65 years after publication.

The New Fahrenheit 451 Trailer Dropped And It’s Brutal And Gorgeous

As if anything with Michael B. Jordan wouldn't be gorgeous. Check out the full-length new Fahrenheit 451 trailer now, starring Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon and adapted from Ray Bradbury's ground-breaking novel.

Why I’m Cautiously Excited About the FAHRENHEIT 451 Adaptation

HBO is adapting FAHRENHEIT 451 into a film, starring Michael B. Jordan. One reader is cautiously excited for an adaptation of a book that reflects on the media's threat to free thinking in 2018.

Watch the Fahrenheit 451 Trailer from HBO

The Fahrenheit 451 trailer from HBO just dropped! Take a first look at Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon.

19 Of My Favorite Fahrenheit 451 Quotes

Even though it's relatively short, choosing a list of my favorite Fahrenheit 451 quotes was a challenge. Here are the lines that struck me the hardest.

Book Style: FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury

An outfit based on the themes and cover of FAHRENHEIT 451

On Annotating Books

Most of my back pockets are speckled with ink stains—not because I’m a writer, but because I’m a reader and ...

If Famous Artists Illustrated Classic Books

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about famous artists I would pick to illustrate classic works of ...

Apocalypse Later: Why Dystopian Novels Speak To Us

  I love dystopias. Totalitarian governments, widespread oppression, the constant threat of death, environmental destruction, corporate hegemony: these are the ...

English 101: The Best Books You Read in High School

So, it’s that time of year again when I and many of my ilk (underpaid and often underappreciated English teachers) ...

Adventures in Public Reading: Classics on the Train

My commute is a short one. Door to door from my house to my office is 20 minutes by Metro ...

Redesign the Cover of FAHRENHEIT 451 to Get Published and Win $1,500

Ray Bradbury’s classic (and my favorite book ever) turns 60 next year. To celebrate, the awesome folks at Simon & Schuster ...

START HERE Giveaway: Fahrenheit 451 T-Shirt

This morning, we launched our first Kickstarter campaign to publish START HERE, a book designed to help you find your way into ...