Book Challenges Quadrupled in 2021, an Unprecedented Increase

729 formal book challenges were reported to the American Library Association in 2021, which is likely only 10% of total challenges.

Lafayette Library Board Grants Itself Power to Ban Books

The meeting included several people heckling the library board president and led to an LGBTQ activist being arrested for disturbing the peace.

Sex in Young Adult Books Is Age Appropriate

Books banners say sex in YA is age inappropriate, but that ignores that more than half of American teens have had sex by the time they're 18.

QUIZ: Can You Match the Book Banning Quote to the Decade?

Does the rhetoric from book banners sound familiar, like we're in the 90s again? See if you can match the book banning rhetoric to its decade.

Rereading FAHRENHEIT 451 in an Age of Mass Censorship

With book bans and censorship attempts spreading across the U.S., Farenheit 451 remains chillingly relevant.

School Board Reverses Reprimand of Teacher for Anti-Racist Book

Several board members who voted to discipline the teacher had received financial donations from the parent who filed the complaint.

Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library Needs Your Support

The library workers have been facing harassment for months because the library carries inclusive books for all ages. They need your help.

What Book Censorship Looks Like Outside the United States

Like the COVID-19 virus, book censorship is not only a problem in the United States — it’s also happening in other parts of the world.

Students Called Radicals by Superintendent Fundraise for Freedom to Read

Students speaking out against book bans in Granbury, Texas were called "radicals" and "gaslighters" by the superintendent.

Tennessee School Board Bans Graphic Novel Maus Right Before Holocaust Remembrance Day

The "Orwellian" decision to ban a graphic novel that depicts the horrors of the Holocaust was made days before Holocaust Remembrance Day.