Banned Books BINGO for Book Clubs

Your book club can help fight book bans! See how many squares on this anti-censorship BINGO board you can fill out together.

Biden to Announce Anti-Book Ban Coordinator

The Biden Administration announced it will be appointing a new anti-book ban coordinator to address the rise in censorship across the country.

How Your Book Club Can Fight Against Books Bans and Censorship

Censorship attempts and book bans are at an all time high, but even a handful of people in a book club can make a difference. Here's how.

SLJ Survey Shows That Censorship Will Have Long-Term Effect on School Libraries

The SLJ survey shows how many book challenges actually result in bans and how challenges are influencing libraries.

What Rights Do Students Have To Access Books?

Book censorship attempts are increasing in schools, and it's more important than ever to know students' rights to access books.

How to Contact Your Legislators About Book Bans (And Why it Matters)

We've got all the tools you need to research and contact your local lawmakers about book bans and censorship.

LeVar Burton Calls National Increase in Book Bans “Embarrassing”

During a recent interview on The View, LeVar Burton said, "It’s embarrassing that we are banning books in this country."

What To Do When You See Pride Displays in Libraries This Month

Censorship of queer books is at a high not seen in decades. This month, show librarians and teachers you appreciate their Pride displays.

1984 is Banned in Belarus, Bookstore Owner Detained for Carrying It

The Eastern European country Belarus has banned the sale of 1984, and two booksellers and publishers have been detained for carrying it.

Unalive, Le$bean, and More: It’s Not Newspeak, It’s Algospeak

Algospeak is the language developing on social media to skirt around censorship, and it has a striking similarity to 1984's Newspeak.