Florida Public School Cancels Free Online Math and Reading Services Because of Bill

The Brevard Public School system has removed a math game and an online library geared towards children 12 and under.

Nashville Public Library Makes “I Read Banned Books” Library Cards

Nashville Public Library makes a limited edition library card in response to nationwide censorship efforts.

London Catholic School Teachers Strike Over Cancelled LGBTQ Book Talk

The diocese cancelled the author visit and fired several governors. Now the school is closed due to a staf shortage as teachers strike in protest.

Sex Ed Books Don’t “Groom” Kids and Teens. They Protect Them.

Authors of sex ed books and the librarians that carry them are being accused of "grooming" kids, but these books can help keep them safe.

Texas Residents Sue Library Board for Banning Books in Closed Meetings

Residents of Llano County are suing for the library board violating their First Amendment rights by banning books without public input.

Brooklyn Library Offers Access to Banned eBooks to Teens Across the U.S.

The UnBanned Books initiative will give anyone in the U.S. between 13-21 a free eCard, giving them access to frequently challenged ebooks.

The Banning of PERSEPOLIS Has Inspired Its Own Graphic Nonfiction Book

The story of the Chicago Public School district trying to ban Persepolis and the uproar that followed is being made into a book.

LGBTQ Rights Groups Sue Florida Over “Don’t Say Gay” Education Bill

The lawsuit alleges that the bill recruits parents as "roving censors" of LGBTQ content, suing school districts for any perceived infraction.

The History of Nazi Book Burning

The history of Nazi book burning is one of the most obvious antecedents to the censorship of books in the U.S.

Here are the Top 10 Most Banned and Challenged Books of 2021

These are the 10 books the American Library Association reports as being the most banned or challenged titles of 2021.