Right Behind Her by Melinda Leigh Right Behind Her by Melinda Leigh Right Behind Her by Melinda Leigh


Books by 4 Radical Writers Who Brought Down a Government

In 1998, Kuwait ushered in an era of censorship after controversy over four writers. Things now may be changing for the better: But who were those writers?

Yeah, But Is It Art?: On Riri Williams and J. Scott Campbell

Jess looks at the now-pulled J. Scott Campbell cover, which sexualizes a black teenage girl, and focuses on the criticisms that "fandom doesn't like art."

A “Day of Creativity” for Poet Ashraf Fayadh

Supporting the work of Ashraf Fayadh, who is serving time in prison for writing his poetry.

“Stories Will Help You Understand Yourself”: An Interview About Censorship with Kate Messner

Award-winning middle grade author Kate Messner talks with us about censorship, why tough books matter, & how young (and old!) readers build empathy muscles.

Dispatches from Library Land: June 2016

Cool projects, innovative programs, awesome people, and important news happening right now in libraries.

The Most Challenged Books of 2015

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