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Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library Needs Your Support



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In November, we wrote about Craighead County Library’s Battle Against Censorship, and that battle is still raging months later. The Arkansas library continues to face harassment and accusations of library workers being “pornographers and pedophiles” simply for carrying inclusive books across age ranges.

The library is asking for public support in the face of such loud opposition. They have suggestions both for locals of the county as well as other supporters, including:

  • Frequenting the library and checking out books (to help circulation numbers and prove the library is crucial for the community)
  • Requesting titles or topics that the library should carry
  • Sending library workers thank you cards for defending library users’ First Amendment rights and standing up to censorship
  • Attending the February 14 library board meeting, “where the board will vote on the outcome of the appealed reconsideration decisions for All Boys Aren’t Blue
  • Speaking at the February 14 meeting in support of keeping All Boys Aren’t Blue on the shelves
  • Sharing their post about the situation
  • Educating yourself about censorship happening across the country. They recommend Book Riot’s weekly censorship round up!

You can read more about what’s happening at Craighead County Library in their post: Stop Library Harassment.

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