Students Called Radicals by Superintendent Fundraise for Freedom to Read

Students speaking out against book bans in Granbury, Texas were called "radicals" and "gaslighters" by the superintendent.

Tennessee School Board Bans Graphic Novel Maus Right Before Holocaust Remembrance Day

The "Orwellian" decision to ban a graphic novel that depicts the horrors of the Holocaust was made days before Holocaust Remembrance Day.

LGBTQ+ Books Quietly Pulled From Washington State Middle School

The school's principal demanded "sexually explicit material" be removed and revoked purchasing power from the librarian and staff.

The Streisand Effect Won’t Save Us From Censorship

The Streisand effect claims that banning a book will only make it more popular. But that ignores the inequity of censorship.

These LGBTQ and Antiracist Books are Being Review Bombed by Book Banners

1 star reviews calling these books "trash" and advocating they be burned take the top review spots on Amazon. You can help change that.

Join the #FReadom Letter Writing Campaign to Combat Censorship!

The #FReadom campaign is asking you to write your school board with provided templates to support school libraries and access to information.

School Library Journal Starts a Library Censorship Tips Hotline

In response to an increase in book censorship attempts in 2021, the School Library Journal has started a library censorship tips hotline.

Students, Teachers, and Librarians are Fed Up With Book Challenges: This Week’s Censorship News, December 10, 2021

"Reading books like All Boys Aren't Blue have helped me acknowledge who I am," said one Ankeny, Iowa, high school junior.

Texas School District Pulls 400+ Books From Shelves After Governor Pressure

Following Republic lawmaker Matt Krause's letter and pressure from the governor, North East ISD in Texas has pulled 414 books for review.

Trouble in Romancelandia: Online Censorship of Romance and Erotica

How do US laws and online algorithms impact romance and erotica books?