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#IAmNonbinary: A Celebration of Nonbinary Creators

Christine Hoxmeier

Staff Writer

Christine Hoxmeier can usually be found hard at work in her beloved home of Austin with a cup of coffee in one hand and a taco in the other. She spends her free time reading, writing, and dreaming of a teleportation device so she can visit her friends spread across the globe on a daily basis. If it were possible to live inside one Disneyland attraction for the rest of her life, Christine would cheat and choose to split her time between It's A Small World and The Enchanted Tiki Room. She prefers to communicate in CAPSLOCK and with gifs. Twitter: @aramblingfancy

For marginalized creators, social media movements and campaigns can be a great way to elevate their work and platform. On October 1st, nonbinary creators took to Twitter to showcase their work, connect with other creatives, and celebrate their non-binary selves using the hashtag #IAmNonbinary.

Too often, nonbinary folks are an afterthought, or shoehorned into female centered movements (like the #VisibleWomen campaign). As a cisgender woman myself, it’s easy to default into using gendered language, not only in daily life, but also when discussing issues regarding marginalized voices. While I still sometimes revert to using binary language, following, listening to, and reading works by nonbinary creators have definitely helped me be more mindful of the words I use. And campaigns like #IAmNonbinary are a great way to discover and promote marginalized voices I might not have been aware of. So, I’ve compiled a roundup of nonbinary creators who shared their work on Nonbinary day!

While the #IAmNonbinary hashtag wasn’t limited to celebrating comic artists, writers, and prose writers, these are the people I’ve focused on for this roundup. Whether you’re a nonbinary creator looking to connect with other nonbinary creators, or a reader who is looking to expand and diversify their reading life, I hope you find some new-to-you folks to follow. And please, shout out your favorite nonbinary creators in the comments!


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