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#VisibleWomen: Celebrating Female Comics Artists

It is not just random happenstance that male authors in general, and male comic artists specifically, are published in greater number than female authors and comic artists: it is a matter of opportunity, which is offered more easily and more often to men than it is to women.

Some claim that this preference is a matter of talent (lack of it on women’s part), so every year female comic artists fill twitter with their incredible works, leaving no doubt that the claim is merely a bad excuse from those who believe women are less capable, less artistic, less able to create beautiful art. From those who don’t even bother giving them a chance.

Book Riot has compiled a few of those #VisibleWomen tweets – a random choice, because we couldn’t put them all in here! Check them out and let yourself be mesmerized by the talent of our female comic artists!

Give a shoutout, in the comments, to all female comic artists you love!