Riot Headline Who Can Get Your Book Grades Accessibility in the Age of Exclusives, Restrictive Licensing

Episode 197
Nothingburger Diagnosis

In this week’s episode, Jeff and Rebecca talk about their new podcast project, bookstore sales up in 2016, new book announcements from Neil Gaiman & Philip Pullman, and much more.


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Madison Reed (use offer code BOOKRIOT for 10% off + free shipping)

The Girl Who Lied by Sue Fortin


Links discussed in this episode:

Better Living Through Books, Episode #1

Ongoing: why more public libraries are eliminating late fees 

Update: Book That Shall Not Be Named is delayed until June. 

Bookstores sales rose 2.5% in 2016 

Free screenings of Hidden Figures in 14 cities for Black History Month

New Neil GaimanPhilip Pullman releasing a companion trilogy to His Dark Materials 

Goodreads finally has a re-reading feature 

Powell’s launches BOOX, subscription for picture books 

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