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Bookish Scarves To Delight Your Heart

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Gia R.

Staff Writer

Gia R. is from Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated with two business degrees. While studying, her short nonfiction story was published in 2018 in Write On, Downtown, an ASU journal. Since then, she taught preschool students abroad. Now back in AZ, you’ll find her writing, reading, and adoring digital art.

For those of us in North America, thanks to Mr. Groundhog, we’ve got a bit more of winter left. Depending on where you’re located, this may be more or less true for you. If it’s still a bit chilly outside for you, then you’ve clicked on the right Book Fetish post! If you like a little bookish fashion moment, then I’m sure you could enjoy many of the items in this post!

When it’s cold outside, we need all sorts of things like coats, mittens, and scarves. If we’re going to wear those anyway, why not make it more fun? There are all types of scarves you can wear. Many for fashion, but also for warmth. Scarves are a good addition to any wardrobe and they can be worn during spring and autumn, too! When it comes to bookish goods, I’m a fan of handmade items made by smaller shops. Those two characteristics take me right to Etsy where I did a search for the best bookish scarves. For some of the scarves, there may be only a few left because they are more unique items.

While putting together the list, I tried to take into account the types of scarves a book lover would like. There are scarves that feature a stack of books while others have a page of a particular beloved novel printed onto the cloth. To be honest, it was hard finding more current books printed on scarves. Most shops focus on classics from Western literature. Whatever is your flavor, I hope you find something that covers your bookish need and neck!

Get bookish with your scarves:

Picture of scarf that looks like a library card

Kick things off with this library card scarf. Don’t show your loyalty to a particular book or fandom, focus on the real star: the library! $36-39

Scarf with multiple classic Western literature book covers

Show your love for classic books like Great Gatsby and War and Peace with this multiple book cover scarf. $18

Picture of scarf with musical notes and book text

Pair a love of music and books in this musical note book text scarf. Choose from two different styles. $22-26

Picture of scarf with book shelves

We have another scarf covered with multiple books. This one is of a scarf with shelves of books. $39

Anne of Green Gables scarf

Did you enjoy Anne of Green Gables when you were a child? How about when you got older? Well, add a pretty splash of green to your outfit with this Anne of Green Gables scarf! $54

Still I Rise poem by Maya Angelou on a scarf

There’s also this gorgeous scarf with Maya Angelou’s poetry on it. $54

Picture of unique fairy tale scarf

Always include fairy tales in your reading line up? Add it to your wardrobe with this unique fairy tale scarf. $22

Picture of Pride and Prejudice scarf with letter to Elizabeth lines on it

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Pride and Prejudice scarf. What I like most about it is that the scarf has the letter that Darcy writes to Elizabeth. You may just need this Letter to Elizabeth scarf in your closet. $39

Picture of scarf with The Faerie Queene poem by Edmund Spenser printed on it

Need a little bit of fairy tales and poetry in your life? Check out this beautiful scarf with the epic poem, The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser, printed on it. Wrap it around your neck, drape it around your arms, hang it on your wall…there are so many possibilities! $39

Picture of Romeo and Juliet caramel brown infinity scarf

Like scarves that focus on one book? Try this Romeo and Juliet caramel brown infinity scarf. I really love the color on this one! $49

Picture of cute colorful book lover scarf

I wanted to throw in this very cute book lover scarf! It’s light, colorful, and comes in two different lengths. $38-55

Picture of purple silk Tolkien scarf

This one is definitely not for warmth, but I couldn’t resist. There’s only one purple silk Tolkien scarf, but there are others like it sold by the same shop! $37

While there are yet more bookish scarves to enjoy, I hope I gave you some help on your search for the next addition to your bookish wardrobe. Happy shopping and reading!