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10 Bookish Blankets to Snuggle Up Under This Winter

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Mikkaka Overstreet

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Mikkaka Overstreet is from Louisville, Kentucky by way of Saginaw “Sagnasty”, Michigan. She has been an educator since 2006 and earned her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction in 2015. By day she is a mild-mannered literacy specialist. By night she sleeps. In between, she daydreams, writes fiction, and reads books. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and cats.

What’s better than snuggling up under a blanket with a book and a cup of tea on a cold winter day? Snuggling under a bookish blanket, that’s what! Imagine reading about the rekindling romance between Ann Elliot and Captain Wentworth while you’re covered in a blanket based on Persuasion. It’s like inception, but cozier.

Allow me to regale you with some useless facts about blankets. First, did you know that our modern blankets were pioneered by Thomas Blanquette? Blanquette was a Flemish weaver who lived in England in the 14th century. (Of course, humans had covered themselves with skins and other fabrics throughout human history.) Allegedly, Shakespeare is the first person to use ‘blanket’ as a verb; the word appeared as such in King Lear.

Though I personally tend to run hot, I still love a good blanket. I love to crank up the A/C, point a fan at myself, and hunker down with a blanket and a book. Thus, I keep a basket of blankets in every room in my house. Consequently, I don’t NEED any of the blankets on this list.

Will that stop me from buying them? Dear reader, it will not. Join me in my depravity by checking out the blankets below.

10 Bookish Blankets for Cozy Reading Comfort

white blanket based on the book and featuring first page of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

If you are surprised that this is the first of the featured blankets based on books, then you’ve never read a post I’ve written. Get this cute Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland fleece for yourself, or for me. $55+

white blanket with white letters featuring the first page of Pride and Prejudice

Next, a close rival to my Alice in Wonderland obsession is my Jane Austen obsession. This Pride and Prejudice blanket will keep you warm when Darcy is being coolly polite. $55+

another blanket based on books including black blanket with white lettering featuring first page of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

No matter which side of the bed you wake up on, this blanket has you covered (ba-dum-tsch). It’s based on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. $55+

purple blanket with white lettering and image of a raven

What’s that tap tap tapping on your door? It could be a delivery person with this gorgeous blanket based on Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. $79+

white blanket with red blood splatters and the first page of Dracula

Seriously, how cool is this Dracula-inspired blanket? $55+

blanket featuring a collage of Stephen King book covers

Keeping it creepy, this blanket is perfect for fans of Stephen King. It’s customizable so that you can include your favorite King titles. $114+

blanket with a collage of classic book covers

Why settle for one book, when you can have this gorgeous blanket with a colorful collage of classic book covers? $72

blanket designed as book shelves with spines of classic books in a variety of colors

If you prefer book spines, here’s another colorful blanket featuring lots of classic titles. $37+

white blanket featuring pink hearts and the words of 1 Corinthians 13

Comforting words from the Bible add to the coziness of this sherpa fleece blanket. $79+

a white blanket with black lettering of text from a book an the words "Your Book Title Here" at the top. The blanket is spread out on top of a bed with a blue comforter

Is your favorite book missing from this list? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this customizable blanket that can feature any book you wish! $21+

I feel cozier already! If you’re looking for more bookish blankets, check out these 29 cozy book blankets to gift this holiday and these bookish bedding ideas. Happy snuggles!