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Dungeons and Drawstring Bags: The Best DnD Dice Storage

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R. Nassor

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DnD dice storage is an art. In a game where dice roll to determine your fate, how you decide to store them can really matter. Here are a few options for all you dice goblins out there.

Some people care a lot about physical dice when they play Dungeons and Dragons. Some people can get a set or two and be done collecting. Other players only use digital dice. However, if you find yourself with more dice than you know what to do with, DnD dice storage is important. After all, I do have an unsubstantiated theory that your dice care where they are stored.

There are not too many hard and fast rules when it comes to storing dice. In general, don’t mix your materials. It might be tempting to put all your dice together in one bin, but storing resin, metal, stone, and ceramic dice together will result in the injury of some, if not all, of your dice. Instead, the best practice is to keep your fancy dice in the containers they come in and pool all your resin dice together into one location.

Really, you can approach DnD dice storage however you want. Here are just a few options so you can find what works best for your dice.

DnD Dice Storage Options

Wooden Dice Goblin Library

Wooden box with drawers in front of a marble backdrop.

This wooden dice goblin library is so gorgeous. It fits perfectly in any living room and gives you the perfect place to store your many dice. $51

Wooden Dice Rolling Tray and Carrying Case

Wooden dice rolling tray and carrying case with dice inside.

I love the idea that you can grab this case whenever you go to play DnD. The unique wooden tray is storage and a rolling tray all in one. $29+

DnD Dice Library Vault

container with 8 book-shaped drawers is on a table with a mini figure and dice.

If you like organizing your dice by type and not set, this 3D-printed dice library will keep everything in place. It comes with the organization built in. $45

Classic Leather Dice Bag

three leather dice bags on a table with dice, dnd books, and candles.

Who doesn’t love a classic? These leather dice bags give dice collections of any size a place to stay between games. $27+

Felt Dice Bag and Tray

one open felt bag with dice and another closed felt bag are on a table.

A DnD dice bag that doubles as a rolling tray will always come in handy. Plus, this customizable bag gives options for any character theme. $19

Bag of Caustic Brew

Fabric drawstring bag on a table with jars, herbs, and dice.

I love the fabric on this dice bag and the small cauldron charm. Perfect for any druid, warlock, or paladin looking to store their dice. $35

The Star Charter’s Dice Bag

a photo of a dice bag with internal pockets printed in a starry constellation pattern

If you’re looking to keep your sets a little more organized, this dice bag has eight pockets for sorting and claims it can hold 18 sets! This shop has many different designs for this style of dice bag. $45

Bamboo Dice Box

Bamboo dice storage box with a pen and dice inside.

A high-quality dice tray and carrying case with slots for pens, tablets, and mini figs is hard to find. This dice box is also small enough to easily bring with you. $50+

I hope you now have a new DnD dice storage method at your fingertips. If you are looking for other things for DnD, check out these game stores to find TTRPGs, these DnD dice rollers, or these DnD gifts.