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The Best DnD Dice Rollers for Your Next Magical Campaign

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Rey Rowland


A daydreamer and a bit of a lost cause, Rey loves stories. Whether they're book shaped or you can see them on a screen, a story always hides in the corners of her mind. She's working on a few stories of her own, always accompanied by her trusty cat.

Dungeons & Dragons and other popular tabletop roleplaying games have plenty that fantasy fans love and cherish. You’ll find a wide array of characters and monsters and adventures — and honestly I can say firsthand that you can play an RPG for hours and not even realize you’ve been sitting in the same chair for eight hours straight. But another thing that makes these games so fun are the amount of knickknacks you can get either inspired by the games, or as objects you can use to play the game. Of course, that includes all kinds of incredible dice sets and the real reason we’re here: DnD dice rollers!

To those of you who might be more casual players, DnD dice rollers are these visually striking gadgets that help you throw your dice. Most of them are towers, so you can just drop the dice at the top and then  the result at the bottom. But there are some dice poppers too — as well as more complicated and fantastic contraptions. If that sounds like something you want, you came to the right place! For today I’m diving into the magical marketplace that is Etsy and taking a look at ten of its most fun DnD dice rollers that you can use for your next adventure.

So without further ado, let’s look at these fun DnD dice rollers!

10 Fun DnD Dice Rollers for Your Next Tabletop Adventure

3D printed tower with stairs for throwing dice

Watch your dice roll down the stairs on this 3D printed tower with a removable tray. It’s a bit pricier at $80, but it’s also so fun to use!

dnd dice roller in the shape of a skull with an open mouth

This skull dice tower is perfect for darker, more sinister campaigns. Plus, the “unfinished” design allows you to paint it and personalize it! $30

coffee and donut dnd dice roller

I just love this Chimera Coffee set because the cup and donut combo is so fun! The donut holds your dice, and the cup acts as your dice tower. $25

dnd dice jail and popper in the shape of a tower

If you want to pop your dice rather than throw them, this tower popper is perfect for you! It comes in different colors, and includes a set of dice as well. $30

books with purple magic streaks dnd dice tower

As a bibliophile I’m a little biased, but this is by far my favorite dice tower! It’s definitely one of the priciest ones at $90+, but you can choose from different colors and even order it unpainted if you like to DIY it.

galaxy themed rolling jar and dice for dnd

If you want something simpler to roll your dice, this handmade galaxy-inspired set is absolutely worth it! It includes the dice and the jar, which you can use as your roller. $45

two pachinko-style wooden dice rollers

You can get one of these Pachinko-style towers that includes a set of dice and use its catapult for super fun roll. You can get a kit an assemble it yourself, or buy one assembled already. They go for $40+ depending on your choice!

catapult with a 20 side dice on top for rolling dnd dice

DnD can be quite chaotic, as is this handmade wooden catapult with adjustable launch-bands! $21

simple black castle tower that works as a dnd dice roller

This cute castle tower comes in two sizes and a variety of colors. It’s a great and compact roller that you can take pretty much anywhere! $13+

3D printed crossbow and screen with white die next to it

Last but certainly not least, this crossbow dice roller is just plain fun! It includes the dice and a tabletop shield — and comes in a variety of colors. $40

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