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The Best Bookshelves for Kids

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Gia R.

Staff Writer

Gia R. is from Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated with two business degrees. While studying, her short nonfiction story was published in 2018 in Write On, Downtown, an ASU journal. Since then, she taught preschool students abroad. Now back in AZ, you’ll find her writing, reading, and adoring digital art.

So you have children or you work with kids on the regular AND…they like to read. I don’t know about you, but it always does my heart good to see a child thumbing through the pages of a book. I love seeing the light in their eyes when they get excited about a character or setting. There’s nothing quite like the glee and giggles they exude when reading to themselves. And as a love for reading grows, so does the need for a nice place to put all of these books. I’ve assembled a list of some of the best bookshelves for kids that will give the little ones a great place to home their books, and maybe even create a reading nook!

When selecting a bookshelf, there are many factors to consider. There’s height, color, size, materials, and space. On top of that, the age of the child should also be considered when looking for the appropriate shelf. Some bookshelves will suit a kindergartener while others would be better for a middle schooler. If you’re not concerned about age, but would rather have something different or uncommon, check out our other post on Fun, Clever, and Unique Bookshelves.

In this list of bookshelves for kids, I’ve found pieces for children of different ages. I’ve also included a few that provide space for extra storage. Some will require assembly, so take that into account before purchasing. Now, let’s check out some bookshelves that are perfect for your little one’s library!

Best Bookshelves for kids

Dibsies personalized kids espresso bookshelf with pastel fabric

Let’s start with something bright that can be personalized! This fabric and wood bookshelf is a great choice for younger kids. They even get to have their name on it! $57 (Amazon)

Costzon 9 cubby kids bookcase with extra storage

Need something that can do more than house a few books? Here’s a corner cubby bookcase perfect to fill with books or toys in any playroom or living area. $156 (Amazon)

Humble crew kids white book rack

This bookcase is a bit more neutral and will go with any room. If you want a bit more color though, it comes in pink, pastel, and primary colors. $30 (Amazon)

Seirione kids book rack 4 sling bookshelf with 2 storage boxes

Like the other cloth shelves, but need space for a little storage? Try this beige four sling book shelf made of sturdy fabric! $65 (Amazon)

Hosmat 9 cube DIY children's bookcase adjustable bookshelf

Put more than just your books in these nine stackable storage cubes. It comes in gray, blue, or this bright pink! $46 (Amazon)

4 tier white rotating bookshelf with stackable shelves

Maximize your space on this rotating bookshelf with four tiers! $180 (Amazon)

Utex kids book caddy with book shelf

Don’t want a full bookcase that is too tall for your little ones? You can get this nice caddy with a shelf for books! $66 (Amazon)

Montessori bookcase for kids storage

Here is another that is lower to the ground. This white shelf acts more as a chest for books or toys. $146

Personalized 3d book caddy storage

Upgrade a little stack of books to a personalized book caddy with one shelf. $66

Low wooden 4 shelf bookshelves for kids

Still want something with multiple shelves while being low to the ground? This wooden bookshelf is perfect for little readers. $185

Low bookshelf with two shelves for toddlers

This little bookshelf has two shelves and space to have your little one’s name on the front. Great for a nursery! $120

Nursery bookshelf with extra shelf for kids

Here’s another good bookcase for a nursery or toddler, but this one has a deep bottom shelf for toys. There are a few sizes. Get the large for that extra shelf! $228

Personalized low multiple shelves bookshelf

This wooden bookshelf has five shelves and can be personalized as well. It’s a good option for your child to have for many years. $65+ (with personalization)

wooden hanging bookshelves for nursery

Want to free up space on the ground? These wooden shelves are a nice way to organize books and provide a little decoration in your younger child’s room. Price varies on size. $55

wall mounted nursery bookcase

This whole unit can be hung on the wall and has four shelves. There are also options with less shelves available. $144

clear acrylic bookshelves

For older kids, get these cool clear acrylic bookshelves. They can display books and magazines as decoration in their room. Price varies depending on size. $145

wooden bookshelf with multiple shelves and storage

Another bookcase for young toddlers to grow into and enjoy through elementary school. Price depends on wooden finish and size. $108

Already selected the bookshelf, but need some books to fill it? Check out 30 Best Toddler Books To Stock Your Library. Want some other ways to house your books? You could try these 13 Fun and Creative Book Storage Ideas or these 10 Kid’s Book Storage Ideas to Keep Books Cute and Off the Floor.