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10 Kid’s Book Storage Ideas to Keep Books Cute and Off the Floor

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So you’ve bought your kid a great mix of science and nature books, favorites from your childhood, and, of course, books about cool vehicles. Now you’re staring at pile after pile of books scattered across your floor in what must be the world’s most disorganized library. Fear not, we’re coming at you with these great kid’s book storage ideas to help tame the mess in a fun and sustainable way!

Flisat Book Display by Ikea

Flisat Book Display

This adorable book display keeps it simple. The height means that your little one will have no trouble learning to put away their own books, no matter how little they might be. The raw wood means that you can put your own spin on it with paint, stain, or your kiddo’s sticker collection.

Fawn Hill Co Books Storage Box from AmazonFawn Hill Co Books Storage Box

Looking to keep things as simple as humanly possible? Boom: book bucket. It might not be the best organizational tool, but all of your kiddo’s books will be out of sight and out of mind. And sometimes, that’s really all you need.

Pop Color Photo Ledge by Pottery Barn Kids

Pop Color Photo Ledge by Pottery Barn Kids

Or maybe you’re super organized? These adorable shelves come in all the colors of the rainbow. And sure, you could just slap some books on there, but isn’t that photo so satisfying?

100% Cardboard Bookshelf by Mom Does DIY

Looking to keep it cheap, cute, and eco-friendly? Mom Does DIY has your back with this tutorial for a bookshelf you can build entirely from recycled cardboard. You can turn this into a fun project for you and the little ones. Then, every time they put away a book, they’ll be reminded that they can do and make anything! (Or just build it yourself, I don’t blame you. Sometimes kids and paint just do not mix.)

DIY Cloud Bookshelves by How to Nest for Less

Okay, so these might be my favorite ones. Are you looking at most of these kid’s book storage ideas and saying “I love the cute ones, but they’re so expensive?” Well, look no further, because these cuties are just a DIY away. These adorable floating clouds will add a cute decor element while also providing functional storage. So get your books off the ground and into the clouds with this DIY that I may or may not be doing right now.

Spaceship Book Shelf by ThatWoodBeFun from Etsy

Spaceship Book Shelf by ThatWoodBeFun

Does your kiddo want to go to infinity and beyond? Maybe they won’t stop asking you to read them books about aliens? This might just be the shelf for you. The unique corner design means that this bookshelf will provide a fun accent to your child’s room without taking up too much space. Get it? Space. Okay, I’ll stop.

Chalkboard Cocoa Bookcase by Crate&kids

Chalkboard Cocoa Bookcase by Crate&kids

This beautiful book case is one of those kid’s book storage ideas that will transition smoothly into a more adult room. The sleek design and sliding doors allow you to hide away even the messiest mess while still keeping things cute and modern. The chalkboard doors will provide hours of entertainment for your kids, and serve a more functional purpose once they’re teens. Reading trackers, calendars, homework checklists; the possibilities are endless.

KidKraft 6 Cubby Bookcase with Reading Nook from Amazon

KidKraft 6 Cubby Bookcase with Reading Nook

This is another one of those amazing double-duty solutions. Trying to decide between giving your kiddo a chair or a book case? Well, now you don’t have to! This is also another option that can grow with your kid’s tastes. The minimalist design and neutral colors mean that this shelf will slot seamlessly into most existing room designs. The large cubbies have room for tons of books, maybe some toys, and some baskets to catch that ever-present mess.

The Original Book Caddy by InkedWoodworking from etsy

The Original Book Caddy by inkedwoodworking

This adorable book caddy keeps it simple and stylish. It also comes in a ton of colors, so you can find the perfect fit for your kiddo’s room. You can even get it unpainted as a project for your little artist.

Giraffe Bookends by WowLondon from Etsy

Giraffe Bookends by WowLondon

Maybe you’ve got a book case, but you’re looking for a cute, fun way to keep those shelves a bit more organized. Well, look no further than these adorable 3D printed bookends. They’re cute as a button, come in a variety of colors, and will keep your books corralled.