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Christine Ro

Christine writes about books for Literary Hub, VICE, and the Ploughshares blog. She occasionally writes about other topics, because someone once told her (although it seemed implausible) that there’s life outside of books. Blog:

3 Novels For Getting To Grips With Slum Evictions

While fictional, these books about slum evictions offer an eye-opening perspective on life in informal settlements without romanticizing it.

Quotes from the Ultimate Brexit Novel

"These universes were separated by a wall, infinitely high, impermeable, a wall built out of fear and suspicion and even ... shame and embarrassment."

How To Write A Trump Novel Without Mentioning Trump

"The specter of Donald Trump is haunting American fiction."

10 Realistic Quotes about Relationships

People love quotes about love. But what if love for you isn’t a linear, shiny thing, but something more gnarled ...


We Can Save Us All is wonderfully unhinged. It follows a group of Princeton students as they’re inspired by a wealthy ...

Fascinating and Horrifying Facts from THE WOMEN’S ATLAS

  The Women’s Atlas, now in its fifth edition, is a useful snapshot of women’s lives around the world. Authored ...

Great Women-Centered Space Comics

You wait ages for a women-centered space comic and then three come along at once. A two-week period has seen ...

A Comic Anthology About Feeling Quasi-Human

I FEEL MACHINE is a new compilation of graphic short stories. Like BLACK MIRROR, which I'm contractually obligated to mention, this is a mixed bag.

How THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE Has Shaped Our Ideas of Haunted Houses

Here are just a few quotes from the novel that hint at why THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE resonates when it comes to ideas of haunted houses.

Fascinating Tidbits about Female Bodies from GROSS ANATOMY

Women are socialized into having a fraught relationship with their bodies. These fascinating tidbits about female bodies from GROSS ANATOMY challenge that.

Quiz: Real Manga or Made-Up? (Vol. 2)

Manga series can have some wacky premises…and that’s part of their charm. Quiz: Real Manga or Made-Up? (Vol. 2) tests your knowledge of the differences.

Autobiographical Comics about Difficult Writing Lives

Here are just a few autobiographical comics about difficult writing lives, drawing on the authors’ own experiences.

The Appeal of the Hypnotically Dull Novel

On the appeal of boring books that are compelling not in spite of their tedium, but, in a perverse way, because of their tedium.

Recent Comics about Refugee Experiences

Recent comics about refugee experiences -- comics and graphic novels about people forcibly displaced from Syria, Vietnam, and parts unknown.

Wedding Gifts for Comic Lovers

Wedding season is in full flush, and one way to survive it is by hunting down fun romance-themed gifts. Here are a few suggestions of wedding gifts for comic lovers, if your loved-up loved ones are comic geeks.